A film from Mary Guzman.

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Ahmed B (nl) wrote: Well-acted but ultimately unmemorable .

Daniel C (us) wrote: Well done. Dysfunctional people try their darndest to make it right.

Jared I (ru) wrote: Dog sports...and Baseball...

Allan F (nl) wrote: The Muppets, on acid!

Stephen S (mx) wrote: A classic kind of hilarious movie.

Anthony K (ca) wrote: Intelligent, literate, with great poetry. Above the heads of most moronic Americans. Stick to your Justin Bieber, Yanks.

Irvin C (jp) wrote: A black man works in a slaughterhouse to support his family and make ends meet. That's it. The most remarkable thing about this film is how unremarkable the lead character is. The film simply chronicles his life and the lives of his family and neighbors in a typical lower-middle-class (to put it very nicely) neighborhood during the '70s. It's a fascinating look into the lives of African-Americans during that time period but it still feels remarkably relevant and resonant to this day.

Felix S (br) wrote: Arguably the greatest all British cast in recent cinematic history. Uplifting but not spectacular.

John B (ru) wrote: Far from irritating, the aging John Wayne pulls off his best performance by being not quite the solid cowboy that we always anticipate that he will be. Although remade well, the original remains superior.

Marcus W (nl) wrote: Three women go looking for rich husbands and find love instead. It's light, breezy, and hard to dislike.

ANTONIO S (nl) wrote: O melhor filme de heri de todos os tempos.

Farah R (kr) wrote: The notion is creepy and could've been one of the most frightening movies to be made, but it all crumbles to a disarray of bad acting and a terribly unsatisfactory conclusion.