Desideria: La vita interiore

Desideria: La vita interiore

The daughter of a prostitute who could not maintain it, Desideria was sold to the rich bourgeois Viola who has given her a good education but little affection. When she discovers that Viola...

An overweight teenage girl (Lara Wendel) walks in on her mother (Stephania Sandrelli) having a three-way. She later confronts her mother and gets her birthday cake shoved in her face. She then tries to commit suicide, but survives and loses a lot of weight. Now attractive to boys and men for the first time, she turns into a world-class tease, manipulating a smitten boy her age, her mother's middle-age jerk of boyfriend, an older would-be revolutionary, and so on. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Issac C (br) wrote: #dawnsetrated "Today was the first time i saw this and this was one of the best movies I seen in years it was simple and it didn't feel like it was pushing to get through and the timing for each death was grate and it wasn't all gore OK don't get me wrong I love gore but not to much of it and it used grate story telling that did not cross the line and that had me wondering what will happened next this story is not one of those that you really dont know what's going to happen and if they make a part 2 I will be one of the first to support it " -Dawn Set

Nakesha V (ca) wrote: Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Kairu A (us) wrote: This film is best watched from the acid intake on, and taken more as a fun and confused journey than a serious cinematic affair. Follow these simple rules and maybe watch it slightly disoriented at 2 or 3 in the morning and you will enjoy it

Rebecca S (ru) wrote: I loved this romantic film. I'm so glad that someone recommended this film to me.

Nicholas A (it) wrote: It's entertaining and quite silly at times.

Dennis G (de) wrote: This sequel is basically a 'remake' of the first movie, except it's inferior in every possible way. But, at the very least it's not very boring and can offer cheap entertainment for its duration.

Brian P (gb) wrote: Pretty bad, pretty terrible, pretty horrible. Do I need to say anymore then that?

Christopher B (fr) wrote: First-time for me getting to the classic Mad Max movies and watching this one right after 'Fury Road' phenomenon in 2015 makes it feel almost jarring in comparison. This original movie was ahead of its time yet it feels dated and somewhat tamed by today's standards to be labeled completely violent and visceral. It finds its kicks in some gripping moments and a memorably flamboyant villainous turn by Hugh Keays- Byrne as Toecutter. The chase sequences/stunts are great, especially striking considering its very low budget. Beyond that, there is a slew of shortcomings and narrative shortcuts that hinders much excitement; it can be a bit sluggish, too rushed and rather shallow. With his limitations in 1979, director George Miller did the best job he could for his first major feature then and he is lucky to really expand his vision over time, because for a story set in a post-apocalyptic world, this movie makes it look like there is just a bit less people around, families get by alright while gangs of crazy punks get their road rage on (Lack of sheer/scope perhaps, but that is a given due to the production's limits).