Follow two bank robbers on the run, and their struggle against the law, each other, and the unpredictable general public.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   robbery,   criminal,  

Follow two bank robbers on the run, and their struggle against the law, each other, and the unpredictable general public. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katie B (gb) wrote: liked this movie a lot, but apparently it's not the whole truth and the guy was pretty famous in different parts of the world.

Karl H (ca) wrote: Apparently overdue for an audience review by someone not associated with the film or dependent on its success, allow me. Let's just say it's the most bewildering collision of under-acting (Tom Amandes as "Abe") and over-acting (nearly everyone else), this effort (neither artistically nor technically definable as a "film") is barely usable as a free video loop for fidgety families to watch while awaiting a battlefield tour.

Matthew W (ca) wrote: This is one of the best documentaries I've seen all year! Really, I don't know how it gets better than this. First off, you've got an examination of the best music from the 70s. From The Village People's "YMCA" to "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, you'll learn something new about all these songs. Then you have the interviews themselves. Director Jamie Kastner smartly has a wide berth of interviewees. While the disco stars are no doubt represented, with The Village People (my fave interview) at the end, so too are the producers, and even scholars. Through these people, Kastner depicts a holistic and informed image of disco and the 70s. At its base level, he shows disco as a hedonistic, pleasure-principle driven dance party. On a more intellectual level, Kastner shows that disco was actually used by underrepresented minorities to express their inner most desires and anxieties. With great music and interviews, and even several clips from the venerable Soul Train, it's hard not to find something to love here.

Sissel G (kr) wrote: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! "Vi sitter ikke her fordi vi sliter med flass, liksom..." :-D

Greg J (ag) wrote: So i will start this off by saying it wasn't overall horrible. It was okay to watch once. I watched it with friends and it was a fun time but overall not very scary.

Jimmy B (kr) wrote: Pretty mind-numbing direct to video 'group of people in a house with spycams' slasher.Poor acting all round from the cast of relative unknowns, with a laughable script.The pretty good kills,and often surreal images/music just don't save it.I rate it alongside the similar and equally poor 'Are you scared'.

Frit F (jp) wrote: Tracy Flick and politics can kill themselves. HOWEVER, this is a hot film.

Charlie R (br) wrote: I want to see, obviously.