Desperate Hours

Desperate Hours

A criminal holds a wealthy family hostage.

Michael Bosworth is a psychotic murderer who seduces his lawyer Nancy Breyers to help him escape from the trial. Meanwhile, a talented FBI agent named Brenda Chandler appears and starts involving in the cat-and-mouse game with the criminal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aida S (br) wrote: I am so happy to have seen this movie made. I cried for days, but I'm known to be a sap.Furthermore as someone who lived through the war on the Bosnian side, I am appalled that people would call the experiences I had as a child, and the things I witnessed happening to others "propaganda and lies against Serb people", and not something along the lines of the tragedy of war.

Bernadette C (ag) wrote: As far as SciFi original movies go, this one was STELLAR. However, this is compared to "Dinocroc" and "Mansquito", so that's not saying too much. In general, the movie was crap. The plot was unintelligable and the bad guys spoke in accents that sometimes sounded hillbilly-esque and sometimes sounded almost British. CGI Pumpkinhead was laughable, and there really wasn't a single part of the movie that made sense. I'm really not sure what made me sit through the entire thing, other than maybe I'm a masochist?

Claudia F (br) wrote: What a delicious movie! There is a lot to say about the selfish gene, and the wonderful contemporaneity of life... but let's just enjoy the movie, and the astonishing performances of Daniel Auteuil and Gad Elmaleh!

Andrew W (br) wrote: I didn't give this a star rating, because I turned it off after about a half hour. Overly sinister bad guys, a very irritating (and dog-abusing) love interest (I'm supposing), and yes, some cool steampunkiness. Didn't hold my interest, which is saying something considering I made it all the way through Fellini's headache-inducing Satyricon a couple nights ago.

Sean G (gb) wrote: Interesting ensemble film. Reminded me of "The Ladykillers."

Jim B (ag) wrote: This film didn't introduce the characters well enough for me to tell who was who and why they were doing what they were doing.

miruna (fr) wrote: fairly entertaining vanilla

Jason T (mx) wrote: The movie means well with a good message and performances but the story is predictable and way to hallmark channel appropriate. The musical numbers feel out of place.

Russell H (fr) wrote: despite it's ridiculousness, actually very entertaining. It's a Disney movie, critics. Get over it.

Grant S (br) wrote: Decent horror-thriller, but could have been far better.Based on a Stephen King novel, the story of a possessed, evil car that harms and/or kills its ownersand anyone associated with them. The movie started very well, withheaps of intrigue and you wondering where this will all lead.However, it doesn't really lead anywhere overly profound or original.The movie simply becomes a vigilante movie, and then a standard actionmovie (just with a car being the bad guy!). Last 40% of the movie isquite disappointing, especially after what came before.Overall though, intriguing and entertaining enough to be watchable. Nota must-see, but there are worse ways to spend your time.