Desperate Journey

Desperate Journey

When Flight Lt Forbes and his crew are shot down after bombing their target, they discover valuable information, about a hidden German aircraft factory, that must get back to England. In their way across Germany, they try and cause as much damage as possible. Then with the chasing Germans about to pounce, they come up with an ingenious plan to escape.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:1942
  • Language:English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:capture,   escape,   explosion,  

When the crew of a downed British bomber escape from their Nazi captors with Top Secret intelligence, they make a desperate journey to get out of Germany alive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The hidden voice 9 (de) wrote: fantastic movie n d dance was awwsom..

Brianna B (de) wrote: this movie was absolutely horrible, the sound quality was so bad, the plot was just cheesy and cliche, and the acting was so painfully awkward and bad that i just didn't care i stopped close to the ending because i couldn't take it anymore....i probably shouldn't have even given this movie half a star, honestly i think that's to generous...

Jason M (fr) wrote: I give it 3-stars just because of Andy Griffith. He is hilarious in this movie.

Kristofer N (jp) wrote: Elin Strm verkar ha koll p lget, frstod du ens vad den handlade om?

Andre M (fr) wrote: the rumours are fake this is one of the funniest movies ever.

Dan R (ru) wrote: It starts out with plenty of charming Woidy Allen nebbishness that devolves into grating woody Allen nebbishness. The idea of the two stories about Melinda is compelling, but it doesn't work. Good cast though, and its interesting to see Steve Carell in a small part.

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Jim K (es) wrote: An incredible story of passionate Catholic faith and the many trials that come with it, Black Robe is a must see for any Catholic. Once again, the Jesuits of the day show amazing selfless love for every human being. To posses that level of faith is amazing and truly inspirational.

Mark N (us) wrote: The movie starts with a bang with some impressive body horror and splatter that was above average fro the day. However once the initial setup passes the middle section is an excruciating with endless stilted dialogue that drags and fails to capitalize on that early good will.

Bill M (mx) wrote: Let's hear it for lurid yet somehow classy titles.

Tim R (jp) wrote: Well... I liked it up until the end, and it didnt really come together. Looking back on it, I felt it was horribly directed. At least 3 times I had to question whether or not I had drifted or day dreamed through a scene because all of a sudden the story would be advanced much further than we were just minutes, sometimes even seconds before, with no explanation of how we arrived there! Considering how long this movies was, and how slow it was at times, I feel like things could have easily have been rearranged to clear some things up. Also, the way the final scene was shot was really hard to watch. By that I mean, I couldnt actually watch it because I couldnt see what the heck was going on! I get they were going for an authentic look, like the lights were off in the real story, so lets turn all the lights off in the film. Thats great for like a cut or two, but it felt like a good 30 minutes of not being able to see anything at all. Then to make matters worse they would tease us with the night vision view of a SEALS perspective, which to me should have been flipped. It should have been 90% night vision 10% darkness. Not the other way around. I would say I maybe would have given the movie a 3 star review up to that point, but then I went to the internet to research more on the matter, and found out all of these inaccuracies and stretches of the truth, and I can officially say I didnt care for the movie. Poor accurate portrayal, poor directing, poor editing, poor choice of cinematography. POOR MOVIE!

Adam S (it) wrote: Not-so-famous Preminger noir, five years after "Laura", re-teaming the director with star Tierney and composer David Raksin. Shades of the classic abound, including a creepy, essential, portrait of a dead lady, but the plot, involving hypnosis as a "perfect murder" weapon, is beyond ridiculous.