Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2

Gru is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to help deal with a powerful new super criminal.

Putting his past of a notorious crime, Gru tries to become a good father of his three daughters: Margo, Edith and Agnes. Hardly does he decides to retire, a international criminally organization emerges. He with the help of his partner Lucy, he goes on an attractive adventure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Despicable Me 2 torrent reviews

6david k (es) wrote: not sure worth it. lead a little TOO self centered to reach redemption at end of mov...

Bernardo T (au) wrote: Recomendo pra qualquer um, o caso, j bastante conhecido de como a justia americana pode falhar por causa de uma paranoia religiosa. Durou 18 anos e meio de muita campanha alem de series de comprovaes de inocncia de qual os 3 "headbangers" sempre foram inocentes e um colocado no corredor da morte e os outros dois em priso perpetua. Nem consigo imaginar o que seria ficar 18 anos trancado por algo que vc no fez. Muito bom documentrio.

Alares R (gb) wrote: One Of my favorites, love the dialogues and the characters interaction is very deep. It's all about beginnings and endings. About life in general. About you wherever stage you are in you're life !

Johans L (ca) wrote: The main point of the message I believe is that freedom doesn't come free. Let those of us in the US not take that for granted, and lend support to friends abroad when we can: The movie actually is quite thought-provoking by presenting multiple perspectives on the Taiwan issue. It's not one-dimensional as some would believe. The multiple perspectives constitute the conflict that lasts/runs throughout the movie (primarily between agent Jake Kelly and the AIT (American Institute in Taiwan) director). Of course I think the props and sets could be better, but overall it's a suspense-packed and fast-paced movie that leaves you hanging off the edge of your seat most of the time. Fact Events in Taiwan that inspired the making of the movie, 8 March 2010 Author: Bobby W from United States 1) Kaohsiung Incident (1979) - A demonstration led by Formosa Magazine staff resulted in the Martial Law arrest of dozens of dissidents. 2) Lin Family Massacre (1980) - A grim murder of the 7 years old twin girls and their 70 years old grandma in their house then under 24-hour surveillance by the Garrison Command (Taiwan secret police). The day before her murder, the grandma had managed to reach out the international human right organizations about the brutal treatment received by her son in jail. Her son Lin Yi-Hsiung was among the Kaohsiung Incident dissidents arrested. 3) The Murder of Chen Wen-Chen (1981) - Carnegie Mellon University professor Chen Wen-Chen, while visiting Taiwan, was interrogated by the Garrison Command agents two days in a roll. He never returned home. Dr. Chen had been an active Taiwan independence advocate. 4) The Assassination of Henry Liu (1984) - California resident and Journalist Henry Liu was killed in his garage by mafia killers sent overseas by the Taiwan Garrison Command (the secret police head was later sentenced to life by Taiwan authority). Liu had just released a book about the reigning president Chiang Jing-Guo, son and successor of Chiang Kai-Shek.

Little D (it) wrote: This isn't a horrible movie. It has an intriguing storyline, but it's just one of those movies that'll make you really frustrated the whole time.

intuciic (gb) wrote: sick family living through the centuries and when its close to die they find the last ones in their breed to be able to continue..

Austin G (mx) wrote: A box office/critical flop? Sure. But I enjoyed this one a lot.

Godwin G (es) wrote: Mean spirited and shallow. So disappointed with this one because I really liked the book. By the way, Billy Halleck's fat suit doesn't even look realistic.

Scott C (ru) wrote: I saw this at a time when I was becoming interested in Peter Jackson, pre 'Lord of the Rings', when he was more of a Sam Raimi-type director of fun little exploitation flicks. This sounds great on paper, a sort of X-rated Muppet Show, but it just wasn't very entertaining and made me think a bit less of Jackson as a filmmaker.

Andriy Y (fr) wrote: A pretty good sequel that comes close to its predecessor but unfortunately falls short in setting and character development

Suie J (ru) wrote: I really want to see this

Mason A (fr) wrote: Good plot, bad dialog and acting

jay n (br) wrote: Minor bit of fluff beneath William Powell's talents.

Chris B (kr) wrote: With the sequel currently in cinemas it was the perfect time to watch the original for the first time. I enjoyed the acting, plot and direction but I personally struggle with people being selfish at the expense of a child, with one scene encapsulating this brilliantly. I also thought there wasn't enough time spent on one character's fall into drug addiction and it just felt like a background plot point that should have had a more profound effect on the characters. What I don't fully understand is the film's cult appeal as a seminal film. It might be that it encapsulates a time period quite well but having been 8 at the time I wasn't fully aware of what this time was like. All in all I enjoyed the film but thought it could have been slightly longer to explore some of the more weighty elements of the film.