Destination Death

Destination Death

A group of West German men on a stag party find themselves stranded in a Montenegrin village inhabited only by vengeful women since all their men were shot during the war.

A German man's choir of 8 persons is on a vacation in Yugoslavia. Most are middle-aged previous Nazis. They arrive at a village populated solely by women who avoid contact. 20 years earlier... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thom G (gb) wrote: Awesome film. The story of Rocky's sacrifice and his love for the kids is truly moving. During the film I've found myself falling in love with the children too. During the film Rocky's actions has caused me to reflect on what I would do in the situations he encounters and it's easy to say it would be a lot worse of a film if it was about a person like me.

Adolfo B (ag) wrote: awesome movie I love this series!

Emalee A (it) wrote: As awful as Ulli Lommel's movies are, I still end up watching them all somehow...

Huw G (ca) wrote: A closely, though not quite minutely observed office drama. Let down a bit by its dark humour being a bit on the sparse side, but still stands head and shoulders above all the air-headed stuff that at first glance it might be lumped in with.

Mereie d (nl) wrote: Even though there is little out of the ordinary about ??Busting??, it is a very amusing seventies?? buddy cop movie. There are many more action movies about die-hard (vice) cops who are eccentric and ill-behaved but tenacious and deadly serious about their jobs at the same time. The uncooperative bosses and the fighting-a-losing-battle theme are no news either. Still, ??Busting?? works very well, due to Blake??s and Gould??s superb performances and some (action) scenes that do stand out (like the chase in the market hall ?? this unusual location allows for some very interesting filming angles). Perhaps more than anything else, it was the comedy element in ??Busting?? that gave me a good time. The opening scene at the dentist practice is hilarious, as are the protagonists?? nagging and cynical comments on numerous occasions (scaring nightclub clients away by saying in a raised voice they??re from the vice squad, coming to check a license, etc.). The music was well-chosen too. I would classify ??Busting?? as a piece of plain and simple entertainment without any unnecessary pretensions.

Keith C (fr) wrote: Cheesy and amateurish, but captivating. HG Lewis is the king of schlock, and this is where it all began.

Ruth L (ru) wrote: Very cute. It's probably one of my favorite Garson movies.