Destination Murder

Destination Murder

A woman infiltrates the mob to find her father's killer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:72 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:maid,   killing,   usa,  

Laura Mansfield's father is killed, apparently by a telegraphic messenger. She spots Jackie Wales in a police lineup, but can't identify him positively. Later, she arranges to meet him, and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Destination Murder torrent reviews

Federico I (mx) wrote: Comedia brasilera simple... excelentemente actuada.... y muy divertida...... nada mas que pedir

Darron P (nl) wrote: the book was brilliant, this film is not

shania b (es) wrote: gay...liol.olol.ollloooooo;p;pllllop

Ilhan A (it) wrote: Can not hold your attention for long enough to tell you its story, after a point you simply get bored and miss the whole story

Darren W (jp) wrote: 3 trained female assassins, kidnapped at 13 by a social path, Madame M. If that does not have Hong Kong action film written all over it, nothing does.

Shiely W (nl) wrote: Pretty sweet comedy. Andy fits the role well. Sammi's character was annoying at times but still watchable.

Ingmar A (au) wrote: Be aware that this movie isn't about scaring its audience. Instead it's a slightly comic exploration of female sexuality stereotypes, offering more than a passing nod to Nightmare on elm St. Doesn't take itself too seriously and neither should you!

Ida K (nl) wrote: I like Chuck Norris but this was really bad.

Jenna I (it) wrote: A mediocre movie with two great characters - Moseby and Paula. Warren knocks it out of the park as a realistic and layered female character- shocking for the 70s for the most part. Then Hackman plays so genuinely nice, friendly and sincere your heart can't help but bleed for him. Unfortunately the plot doesn't live up to the depth of the characters. For a movie that dabbles in child molestation and potential kidnappings the answer to of the why for the twist is super left field and bland.

WK J (de) wrote: Ben, a rat, comes into his own in a performance reminiscent of Farrah Fawchett's in Logan's Run.

Matthew C (au) wrote: Great! It's a real boys film lol! Dump truck drivers acting like racing drivers? hell yeah! The driving shots are funny as they speeded up but let that slip think it's real and the films a blast! I wanna dump truck! & Also a great cast and a hidden brit gem from the oldies fault!

Jason B (au) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. Everything is great, the photography, the effects, the acting, everything, which is truly rare in my experience with silent films. The Phantom Carriage is an emotionally touching feature about redemption. Well worth the time.

John H (au) wrote: One of my favorite Bruckheimer films along with The Rock and Gone in 60 seconds.

David S (it) wrote: These found footage films are so hit or miss, this one wasn't too bad. It doesn't bring anything new really besides a road trip aspect of it. It pretty much is self explanatory. I wish the ending was a bit better, but it's a quick one, nothing special

Freddy R (mx) wrote: Don't listen to these dummies that rated it 28%, it's an amazing movie.