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Destinations torrent reviews

Roberto P (ca) wrote: I loved this movie it was good not huge but nice if you like this genre

Humberto F (au) wrote: How in the world did Jackson wind up in TWO movies that rip off Oldboy?! I'll say this, its a better movie then the Spike Lee remake at least. But once the twist is revealed, its hard to take the movie seriously anymore. A shame, as Jackson does a really good job and the movie sports some fine cinematography.

John R (us) wrote: A decent movie, despite me originally thinking it was 'too boring' as a teenager.

Dustin F (ca) wrote: A great procedural and meditation on obsession. This would make a great double bill with "All The President's Men" or "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Incredible attention to detail, beautiful cinematography and strong performances across the board.

Tom Z (it) wrote: Beautiful. Amazing. Must see.

Nathan C (br) wrote: I fucking hate this movie with no question asked,I know this better than the sequel but a flaming skull is bad CGI.I also don't like Nicolas Cage, He was Good Back at the time when he did National Treasure but then suddenly got worse, Apart from not seeing the 5 minute beginning there is no other redeeming quality.Score: 1/10

p b (it) wrote: Might be interesting?

Adam K (us) wrote: i've been told that this is one hell of a mindfuck. intriguing!

Gemma F (ru) wrote: screening this Saturday at C4, Mission Beach at 7pm. Please come and join us.

Mark L (br) wrote: While I don't think it is a great film, I am sure that it was the first to take a chance on a cast of all stars. It was also my first Garbo film, and I can say I can see the hype. She is one of the key figures of Hollywood's golden era.

Brenda L (ru) wrote: Romeo Must Die I love this movie

Skyler B (au) wrote: This movie was funny for a little bit until they got into man-on-man rape comedy. Then I was like " it really time for rape jokes?" and the answer was simply "no."