The lives, loves and personal dramas of a group of students who live together in a boarding house in Buenos Aires, in the 20s.

The lives, loves and personal dramas of a group of students who live together in a boarding house in Buenos Aires, in the 20s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd W (it) wrote: I laughed twice. Not good.

David W (us) wrote: Next summer......prepare for boats!Oh God.......

Anne C (it) wrote: somehow i don't see y the ww would still wait for e full moon when they've broken their curse

syrian s (it) wrote: It was wonderful to watch this down to earth story of the most unsuitable bunch of French heroes there ever were.

Zdravko P (ca) wrote: This movie blew me away. Steve Martin fucking wrote it I can't believe it. It doesn't suprise though that he would write something like this and not really draw too much...wait...NO attention to himself at all. It's a great story that quite frankly I thought some of the people in the theatre didn't really grasp and sit down and really tried to understand. An ex CIA operative is now a terrorist. Don Cheadle plays a TERRORIST how great is that. Today that's all we hear about on the news but we're confused..(didn't mean to do that) as to why these people do these things and I think this movie clearly tries to show why in a great way cause honestly if this was another one of those independent films like paradise now no one would give a crap but a famous actor wide release....very smart thinking... i would say this is on my list movies of 08... suck this movie didn't.

Tristan G (mx) wrote: Extremely depressing. It has some really good scenes, but the horrific nature of the film is nearly impossible to swallow.

Chris U (gb) wrote: Another unique Robert Rodriguez story full of ridiculous weapons, gadgets, and costumes. Mastefrul acting by many in a movie full of violent satire.

Filipe C (fr) wrote: Mallrats could have done without the poorly written and executed slapstick humor. It adds little to the narrative and it brings the film's overall quality down. As per usual in Kevin Smith's filmography, though, the movie features some great banter and a heartfelt arc that puts a smile on your face.

Christopher S (br) wrote: A good solid story. A bit slow and overplayed sometimes, but overall well-written and compelling.

Liy D (ca) wrote: I expected more out of this movie, but it was easy to ignore and forget.

Alex B (kr) wrote: "As the world becomes more primitive, its treasures become more fabulous." Mike Hammer, the Nietzschean fantasy hero of American fascist writer Mickey Spillane (went to college during the Great Depression, spent most of the War in Mississippi, wrote for comic books), pursues a big score well beyond his usual world of petty sleaziness and brutality, all the way to the atomic end. It's strangely kind of like Dr. Strangelove, warning about American idiocy (greed, selfishness) leading to nuclear holocaust. Credit the film-makers (the director and screenwriter) for seeing through Hammer/Spillane, and smartly turning him around to their own, contrary, far better end, without simply making a parody/spoof/caricature.

Temuul E (au) wrote: Gigantic mindfuck fest.

George R (ca) wrote: This film received Oscar nominations for writing and sound in 1943. Further, it was banned by the House Unamerican Activities Committee during the McCarthy Era of the early 50s. It probably should not have survived that experience.

Kyle F (gb) wrote: Could have been a lot better.