Though gay-themed stories about "coming out" and accepting one's sexuality are not uncommon in Western countries, such tales are still rare in many conservative African nations. Considered a ground-breaking film in its native Guinea, and filmed amidst a storm of controversy, Mohamed Camara's Dakan is the first of its nations films to directly address issues surrounding homosexuality. The story centers on the romance between two 20-year-old men, Manga and Sory who are first seen making out in a car. The trouble begins when Manga tells his widowed mother about his love for Sory, who is busy contending with his outraged father. The parents insist that the two never see each other again. Manga's mother then uses witchcraft to cleanse her son and change him into a heterosexual. Time passes and eventually Manga begins to date a girl. But it soon becomes apparent that try as he might, Manga's heart belongs to Sory.

The story is set in the 12th century in Arab-ruled Spanish province Andalusia, where famed philosopher Averroes is appointed grand judge by the caliph and his liberal court judgements are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aman A (ag) wrote: Farhan can be seen giving it his all in this biopic but I only wish other actors or the director or the team would have the done the same. The editng was pathetic. The scriptwriting was abysmal. Songs were okay but Sonam Kapoor was her usual self. Humour was placid. Length and pace was off. I really hope we make better films as a country. I am giving this movie any rating because of the hard work and art displayed by the lead actor.

Walter M (jp) wrote: "Trouble the Water" is a documentary about Kim and Scott Roberts who lacking transportation decided to ride out Hurricane Katrina in their home in New Orleans, stocking up on supplies and filming home movies before, during and after. Luckily, they made it not only out of their home alive after the levees broke, first from their attic, then to a neighbor's home on higher ground and later 220 miles away to Alexandria, La. The movie speaks not only to their harrowing journey of survival but also to the unpreparedness and intransigence of the authorities who were seemingly more interested in protecting property than saving lives. More help came from families and friends but only the government can work on the huge scale required.(There are many invocations of religion which speaks to the general helplessness of the situation.) Such laissez-faire attitudes are also the indirect cause of the oil spill that is currently causing so much damage in the gulf coast. The documentary squanders its excellent point of view by focusing more on the familiar larger story, than the more intimate, smaller story, as it gets off a ridiculously cheap shot towards the finish. Sadly, the movie also eventually runs out of steam, not having a clear idea when to end, as the story is still ongoing.

Mark A (nl) wrote: The loss of innocence, the loss of a child, and the loss of sight. The moral: All we have is the present. The film is somewhat pretentious and somewhat slow; it certainly lays the drama on thick. The acting manages to make up for most of its flaws. Overall, nothing too pronounced ever really occurs, in terms of action, comedy, or tragedy. Rather, it is simply a meditation on life, very similar to ours: quiet in its passing losses and equally quiet in its overcomings.

Matt B (ag) wrote: Forget Desperate Housewives. Felicity Huffman is INCREDIBLE in Transamerica. She deserves an Oscar for her role as a transsexual who finds out she's the father of a drug-addicted, prostitute son. A funny, moving motion picture.

Mark N (es) wrote: Terrible attempt at a shark movie and the cast know it even without seeing the sellotaped in special effects.

Britton D (ca) wrote: Ridiculous movie. It's hilarious.

Luke M (jp) wrote: Dumb & Dumber meets the early work of Guy Ritchie in this hilarious caper comedy. When two untalented singers are mistaken for a pair of major league safe crackers, they are forced into the service of a local hoodlum and his side-kick. Brilliantly cast, and wonderfully written, it(TM)s hard to pick the best of many classic one-liners. Sam: "He's in the Jewish Mafia. It's probably more like a club than an organization."

Aideen J (es) wrote: I am going to try to watch the Director's commentary to try to find out if this movie was intended as a joke. How could Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones keep straight faces to deliver their lines? They must have really needed the money to take this project on. HORRIBLY BAD but at least it made me laugh. Love scene had me in stitches! Barbara Streisand sounds as though her foot was caught in a door as she wails the theme song.

George N (ag) wrote: Louis De Funes being himself in a historical farce about royalty and the rich.

Daniel I (fr) wrote: Delightfully delirious is this, the first film by crazy genius Stanley Kubrick. At times haunting, though not quite harrowing. Cerebral though falls short of chilling. At first naive, then nasty and neurotic and finally, abstractly cathartic. Style wins over content, but there are signs of the Kubrick we know and love. Themes such as madness (i.e. in The Shining), visions of grandeur (think of Alex's fantasies in Clockwork Orange), war (Full Metal Jacket and Paths of Glory) and depersonalisation (2001: A Space Odyssey) all make early appearances in Kubrick's feature debut. Still, not a masterpiece, but a cult classic of sorts.

Greg W (us) wrote: not bad remake of the 1965 jimmy stewart classic

Keenan S (es) wrote: Under Siege is one of the better Steven Seagal films I've seen so far and it's easy to see why in general it is considered to be one of his better films. Under Siege is cheesy, implausible nonsense, but it is a terrific and really fun action film no less. The acting is also fairly decent and it also has a funny sense of humor thrown into the mix. It's no masterpiece of action cinema by any means, but it is great fun for anyone who loves good popcorn fun.