Flagwaving story of a new American destroyer, the JOHN PAUL JONES, from the day her keel is laid, to what was very nearly her last voyage. Among the crew, is Steve Boleslavski, a shipyard welder that helped build her, who reenlists, with his old rank of Chief bosuns mate. After failing her sea trials, she is assigned to the mail run, until caught up in a disparate battle with a Japanese sub. After getting torpedoed, and on the verge of sinking, the Captain, and crew hatch a plan to try and save the ship, and destroy the sub.

Flagwaving story of a new American destroyer, the JOHN PAUL JONES, from the day her keel is laid, to what was very nearly her last voyage. Among the crew, is Steve Boleslavski, a shipyard ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff P (ag) wrote: These guys are pure gold.

Tiana J (de) wrote: There are a lot of rip-offs that I have seen since I started watching movies. House at the End of the Street is one of them.Seeking a fresh start, newly divorced Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) and her daughter Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) find the house of their dreams in a small, upscale, rural town. But when startling and unexplainable events begin to happen, Sarah and Elissa learn the town is in the shadows of a chilling secret. Years earlier, in the house next door, a daughter killed her parents in their beds, and disappeared - leaving only a brother, Ryan (Max Thieriot), as the sole survivor. Against Sarah's wishes, Elissa begins a relationship with the reclusive Ryan - and the closer they get, the deeper they're all pulled into a mystery more dangerous than they ever imagined.Like I said, House at the End of the Street is a rip-off. O f what you might ask? It is a rip-off of Psycho (with a spice of Twilight)-- except it has no suspense, a familiar plot, dumb characters, and predictable plot twists. House at the End of the Street is one of those films that is so lazy and derivative that teenage girls today will enjoy. I say that because they are the type of people that enjoy Twilight. Speaking of that, this movie is a crossover between the Twilight saga (if you want to call it a saga) and Psycho (not that the teenage girls know about it).Most of the performances in the House at the End of the Street are average to below average at best. The only person who somewhat shines is Jennifer Lawrence obviously. Elisabeth Shue was average while everyone else (including Max Thieriot) was bad. However, I wouldn't blame them because the script is so awkwardly bad that it doesn't give them nothing to do except be stereotypical characters.For a movie that suppose to be a horror film, House at the End of the Street devoid of any type of scares. And for a movie that suppose to be a thriller, it is devoid of any type of thrills. The first reason that this film is not remotely scary or thrilling is because the director and the writers decide it would be a good idea that they want to put cheap jump scares into the film. Another (and main) reason that why the film is not scary or thrilling is because it is extremely predictable. When I watched the film, I knew what was coming from beginning to end.Another thing that grinds my gears with House at the End of the Street is the characters. Not only they are stereotypes but the decisions they make are unbelievably stupid-- especially toward the end. Plus, I really didn't care to begin with because they are so foolish. Not just that, they are some of the most unlikable characters I have seen all and in 2012. For example (spoiler alert if you did not seen the film), there is one scene the Thieriot's character gets beat up and get his house set on fire by some unruly boys. Another is, there are some scenes that Lawrence's character talking back to her mother-- which goes absolutely nowhere. With all that being said, House at the End of the Street is an uninspired film almost in every way. Why almost? Because like I said, Lawrence shines in this film. Unfortunately, she deserves so much better than this and so do the rest of the cast. It not just that the film is uninspired, it is unsurprising, dull, and boring as can be. What makes me hate (pun or no pun intended) this movie is that I just watched a film with a sluggish pace, dimwitted characters, foreseeable plot twists, and a pedestrian plot. Unless you are a teenage girl who like these things, please skip House at the End of the Street. It is not worth your time. Oh about that title, it is one blandest, dumbest, and most idiotic titles I have ever heard and seen.

Kit T (es) wrote: At least the cameos are good.

Craig T (es) wrote: Beautifully rendered feature with the cinematic sensibilities of a short: spare, wistful and specific. Deceptively thoughtful and very well done.

Ce Khan C (gb) wrote: As bad as bollywood can get...Never Judge a Film By Itz Trailer...Too Long and boring...A complete waste of time, watch it only if you want to test your patience....Mine Brain cells lost...worst and longest movie of the decade...Watch it out for stars n songs...RUBBISH MOVIE

Salah A (es) wrote: The story is truly fascinating, but the movie itself has editing problems, and was in a huge rush for some reason.

Robert M (es) wrote: A predictable, poorly directed, poorly written, poorly acted movie. As lame as it gets.

Brandon W (ru) wrote: My Summer of Love is a great romance film. The chemistry between Emily Blunt and Natalie Press are really good. I really like how unpredictable the ending is. When I thought it was going to go through the route it's taking which I wouldn't like, it doesn't and it takes a different route which I really like. The drama is really touching too and I felt sorry for them. The only thing I didn't like, is how Mona made fun of his brother's Christianity. I'm not saying that she can't make fun of Christians at all, she can do that, I get a laugh now and then from her making fun of it. But she took some extreme ways to just get a laugh out of it, it wasn't funny, but very mean-spirited that for a second I was glad something bad happen for her as she deserve it. It just made me feel bad for her brother. The acting is good, and when they made fun of them, you can see that he is really hurt from it. I always like Emily Blunt, and she's great in this. I think with a bit faster pace and less extreme ways of making fun of them, it could've been a masterpiece of a romance film. But consider that it took some of it away, its just a great movie.

Aaron C (fr) wrote: how can they market this as "sex and the city, with men"? These crazed italian blokes are just so different from SATC's whiny overprivileged NYker women.This funny yet poignant italian romp has very good acting from practically the whole cast, and intentionally just touches on many of the relationship struggles of modern urban society, whilst not making any value-judgements, nor even coming to any conclusions. Frivolous and amoral, perhaps, but an entertaining movie to watch (not necessarily condone).

Jonathan F (ag) wrote: ?Now where and what is Chuck-a-Luck. Nobody knows and the dead won't tell. So on and on relentlessly this man pursues his quest. And deep within him grows the beast of hate. Murder and revenge.?

Garrett C (gb) wrote: Despite its nice foggy 40's London cinematography and unusual element of prostitution, this is a pretty standard weepie film that is easily forgotten.

Elias B (es) wrote: This movie tries so hard to show that it takes place in the 50's, it's almost disturbing. It's way too cliche to really entertain the viewer.

Enrique F (au) wrote: This movie is about sensation and feelings.

Armando B (au) wrote: This is one of the worst movies that I have seen, Is not as great as some people are saying. The story was very boring and even I was falling asleep. I don't know how this movie had so many good rating from film critics, this is definitely boring. So for this being a waste of time and nothing developed during the whole movie, I give " The Snowtown Murders " an F.

Glenn R (mx) wrote: Gotta love found footage flicks but this one falls short. It wasn't terrible but for me it was trying way too hard to be Cloverfield. At least that's how I saw this. I do love that instead of a handheld camera it was some kind of google glass type eyewear used for the "POV" of the main character Sarah. A bit different from the usual but still not enough.