Det var paa Rundetaarn

Det var paa Rundetaarn

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:lottery,  

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Det var paa Rundetaarn torrent reviews

Felisa Z (es) wrote: What a delightful movie. Nothing is ever simple. I wonder how my friends who've recently had kids would identify with this movie.

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: All of the clichs you'd expect in a romcom, but roughly covered over with a patina of snappy patter to make it seem as if the whole concoction is a fresh thing. The chemistry between the leads add mucho spice too.

Marti E (nl) wrote: At first I thought this wasn't going to be something I was interested in.. But after just a few minutes I was drawn in. Excellent!

Adam D (kr) wrote: I've heard quite a bit about this movie.

Kenneth L (es) wrote: Saturated with sacharine romanticism, To Gillian at times reads like a Gap ad replete with beaches, barefeet in the sand, khakis and sailboats - in this case, a Gap ad gone terribly awry since a fatal accident occurs. Based on the stage play by Michael Brady, one could imagine the theatricality of having a dead character walk right onto stage in the flesh - thereby fermenting our lead David's 'very real' relationship with a dead woman made complicit by witnesses in the audience. The film version goes off the deep end (puns intended) with an overt romanticism of Gillian (played by the ridiculously beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer) who appears under moonlight by the beach - an effort, no doubt, to underscore David's romanticized point of view of his dead wife. Unfortunately, like David, the film fails to pull itself out of morose sentimentality and, but for a few strong performances, winds up manipulative and hollow. Making the most of an underwritten part, Wendy Crewson's Kevin is a compassionate presence amidst the family drama, and Kathy Baker's Esther threads skilfully the thin line between self-righteousness and true concern. Together with Altman, the duo provide an honest and fascinating dynamic between a married couple seldom seen on film. But the film belongs to Danes, who wades through stilted dialogue and emerges as one of the most compelling characters in the film. Not as fortunate is the distractingly good looking but inexplicably asexual Gallagher, whose David, as written, seems decidedly self indulgent even as he struggles to mine the part for all its levity. Coupled with his largely absent sexual chemistry with Pfeiffer (is that even possible?), the result is a missing emotional core. a fact made ironically clear when Rachel finally corrects David that it wasn't Gillian who held the family together, but him. This, however, comes too little too late, and by the time the floodgates are released and David's tears begin to flow, the final effect is ambivalence. Go for the far less schmalzy Truly Madly Deeply.

Barney o (es) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: One of the best in the series, 'License to kill' sees Dalton settle into the role to bring an excellent performance with the right levels of grit and charm. Match that with one of the best protagonists, a gritty revenge plot and some of the greatest relationship dynamics we've ever seen, and you're onto a real winner. WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Perhaps the last act is a touch silly...VERDICT: It's a shame that Dalton couldn't stay because this is Connery level stuff. What an enjoyable film.

Steve G (us) wrote: I figured it was best not to attempt making any logical sense out of it. There were moments of sweetness, & good music, but it was quite a mess. Only the '80s-ness made it watchable.

Christopher B (ru) wrote: Adequate screwball comedy even today. Good basic script and pacing. Winkler is convincing as a non-Fonzarelli type, Long is likeable and lovely as ever, and Keaton is spot on in his portrayal of one of my past co-workers. Yes, obnoxious jerks like that really exist!! Always a pleasure to see the under-utilized Clint Howard. Watch for Shannon Doherty, Kevin Costner, Ashley Cox, & KC Winkler too!

Dale K (fr) wrote: I love both Dustin and Steve but this movie failed to keep me engaged, didn't finish watching the whole movie.

Trevor K (jp) wrote: The Australian outback is a very dangerous place. We all know this. An arid, orange, sandy hell populated by all manner of malevolent mammals, marsupials, snakes, spiders but (almost) worst of all borderline psychotic, well over the line alcoholic, quite possibly inbred locals who either don't take kindly to outsiders, or worse than that take too kindly to them and practically kill them with kindness. Throw into that mix now a heretofore unseen breed of wild boar, up to four or five times as big as a normal wild boar, and one with a penchant for house demolition and baby snatching and you've got a truly terrifying scenario.When Beth Winters, some soppy lefty liberal animal rights campaigner from New York of all places, turns up in the outback 'town' of Gamulla to investigate the slaughter of thousands of kangaroos by the local toothless terrors she lands slap bang in the middle of a dust covered nightmare. A night time encounter with most of the aforementioned outback evils spells not only the end of her sojourn down under.....But also her life! When her fiance arrives to investigate her death he comes face to face with the deadly creatures that killed Miss Winters, but did the guilty party have four legs or two?Razorback is one of those glut of Ozploitation films from the 70s and 80s and though it doesn't occupy the top tier it's firmly ensconced in the second. As with many of it's contemporaries it looks fantastic, it has a surreal, nightmarish feel to it and its cast features a motley crue of oddballs and weirdos, many of whom you really wouldn't want to share a beer with, although you may find yourself without much choice in the matter. Again, like its contemporaries, the script could do with a bit of work, the story lurches and careers around like a banjaxed ute and some of the performances seem to belong in an entirely different film (or medium) but it hangs together really well. It's genuinely tense, there's some great action sequences, as mentioned already it looks fantastic and it's really only let down by a slightly lame finale.

Jeff B (de) wrote: A boring movie about two brothers (one a dirty cop and the other a rising star of a priest) who are somehow involved in a murder investigation. The story kind of meanders and never really attaches itself to any sort of interesting idea of a plot. It just revels in the seedy underworld of its own creation, which is probably mostly taken from old movie cliches. Not a good film, and I don't know why De Niro or Duvall would be involved with it.