Detective Conan: Countdown to Heaven

Detective Conan: Countdown to Heaven

As a pair of towers in Tokyo are being prepared for their grand opening, there is a series of murders of people connected to the towers. Conan suspects that the mysterious Syndicate may also be involved.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Japanese,Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Detective Conan: Countdown to Heaven 2001 full movies, Detective Conan: Countdown to Heaven torrents movie

Gin and Vodka sneak into Akemi Miyano home and heard Shiho's message that she would visit Tokiwa Twin Tower. Would Shiho got killed? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jasmine M (de) wrote: I think its a great movie and I could watch it over and over.

neil L (jp) wrote: The Changeling is a very cool haunted house film that's creepy and scary. I loved it

Christina H (au) wrote: The movie definitely had a twist at the very, very end. You begin to think one thing, and the movie totally proves you wrong. It's like... in the beginning, you don't know who the killer is, towards the middle you think you know who the killer is... and at the end... it's COMPLETELY different! Hahaha! This was a good movie overall... but I don't think I could sit through it again.

Ernest H (br) wrote: Great story, great morals, great cast, and good action. The topic was very unique because you rarely see how thieves work. The act of stealing and the camera placement was also very well choosen to illustrate the full action, objective and stealth.

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Daniel M (de) wrote: While it's definitely not a great film, it is a somewhat good one and does not deserve the bad reputation it has. Most don't even know of this film's existence which is a shame. The plot is unique, the acting is good and the jolts may be cheap but they're quite effective. I'd also like to add that De Niro did well in this. The ending wasn't exactly satisfactory but it could've been worse. Give it a try.

Sheila R (us) wrote: I loved this movie,even though I know some of you won't like it.

Ahmad J (us) wrote: I liked this one as much if not more than the original believe it or not!

Ben G (de) wrote: It's humorous in parts and works as interesting commentary on misogyny. The movie is also emotionally brutal, which may turn some away.

Daryl T (us) wrote: Lame HBO movie thAt had to be the blueprint to Sex in the City

Pamela D (de) wrote: DOPPELGANGER AKA: Dopperugeng (2003) JapanWRITTEN BY: Ken Furusawa and Kiyoshi KurosawaDIRECTED BY: Kiyoshi KurosawaFEATURING: Kji Yakusho, Hiromi Nagasaku, Ysuke Santamaria, Masahiro Toda, Hitomi Sat GENRE: THRILLER/BLACK COMEDYRATING: 6 PINTS OF BLOODPLOT: A scientific researcher's assertive, meddling doppelganger takes it upon himself to make the researcher more successful, but will his unorthodox methods prove to be a blessing or a damnation?COMMENTS: Michio Hayasaki (Koji Yakusho) is a meek inventor who's reached a career slump. His research is going nowhere, he's frustrated with his job, his employer marginalizes him, and he doesn't have the courage to approach his pretty romantic interest, Hiromi Nagasaku (Nagai Yuka).Doppelganger follows the classic Dostoevsky model (see the review of Enemy below), in which a daring double confronts an ineffectual protagonist. Acting on a self-proclaimed mission to straighten out Hayasaki's affairs and make him a success, a man physically identical yet psychologically opposite to Hayasaki barges into his life. He turns everything upside down. This new Hayasaki is willing to take the imitative that Hayasaki lacks.He does...whatever is necessary. He seizes that which Hayasaki desires, but which Hayasaki lacks the courage and initiative to acquire. The trouble is, the new Hayasaki's methods are more than a tad unorthodox. As the two Hayasakis manage their co-existence, they conflict over the doppelganger's actions. The double is dangerous and his avaricious strategy, employing seduction, murder and destruction, proposes threatening ramificationsDoppelganger is about determination, alter ego, the ways in which we define ourselves, and the question of what identity really is. It is also about will. Self-referential elements cement Doppelganger's themes. For instance, Hayasaki's research project is a mechanical device mentally operated by an individual's will. Hayasaki's girlfriend Yuka is herself haunted by her dead brother's doppelganger, who takes the initiative to finish the novel on which her brother gave up.Hayasaki enjoys the fruits of his double's contributions -money for research, getting him out of his fruitless job situation, winning over cute Michio, in short, power and control. Yet the moping Hayasaki despises his doppelganger for being everything he isn't.The implication is that confronting one's idealized self forces an acknowledgment of one's limitations. The option is to either be intimidated and to shy away from the better version, or to emulate him. Dostoevsky;'s incarnation of the doppelganger fuels drama by associating dynamism with arrogance and ruthlessness. The more aggressive incarnation of oneself, the double with the moxie to accomplish unrealized aspirations, can't be as trustworthy -or as harmless as the original. Pitted in an increasingly adversarial alliance with his double, Hayasaki is pulled in both directions at once. It's a volatile dynamic surely barreling toward a savage showdown.Emphasizing notions of duality by utilizing mirrors and reflective surfaces, director Kiyoshi Kurosawa implements an economy of shots which are packed with supplementary information. For example, Hayasaki's denial of his situation is often revealed by what we see in his surroundings. Koji Yakusho portrays Hayasaki and his double so effectively that both characters are readily distinguishable without using gimmicks such as contrasting wardrobes. But Kurosawa tricks us when we see them alone. As Hayasaki's double asserts an increasingly negative influence upon him, Haysaki's undergoes a personality shift. As the story progresses, are we seeing Haysaki himself, or his doppelganger?

Magnus G (au) wrote: Suffers from a poorly written story, weak characterization, an overly cliched script and a confused viewpoint on the Nazi state.

Tess (gb) wrote: hate westerns, or anything like westerns

Logan M (kr) wrote: Tough as nails and packing an all-star cast, "Glengarry Glen Ross" is an engrossing business drama of a most vicious kind.

Aephraim S (ag) wrote: Better than I'd expected, even though it leaves the interesting questions unanswered, and some of the troubling episodes in the future. But I approve of its attempt to raise the right questions without trying too hard to read the minds of any of the protagonists, leaving the answers up to us... All the same, now curious to watch one of the documentaries about Oppenheimer and Teller....

Alex G (ag) wrote: Trashy slasher porn with nothing to add of value.

Nikolaj Z (ag) wrote: "He says that I'm the one thing saving him from being a misogynist. That means, a gentleman that doesn't like beetles."After watching a few scenes of this on television, I decided to rent it and see it through. And, for the first 40 minutes, this film is pretty solid; it feels like it's going in a certain direction. Starting off as an 'intellectuality versus practicality' romance, the picture just degenerates in to a boring, puppy-love/jealousy character tango... pretty disappointing. (And 'Dink' is just plain annoying.)"[That's not what a man wants,] that's what a man remembers!"

Pierluigi P (jp) wrote: Fellini-an and kind portrait of a southern italian father, played by an old but still gracious Marcello Mastroianni.

David S (ag) wrote: A more interesting movie than Hammer's typical output at this time this film still has plenty of gore but the use of Freud's theories to diagnose the killer and Porter's sympathetic but misguided doctor suggest that the writer was at least trying something a bit different. The ending in St Paul's is almost operatic and brings a grandiose to the proceedings that is missing from most Hammer of the 70's. There are still plenty of silly bits in there and one gratuitous nudity sequence but otherwise this isn't half bad horror.

Cameron F (gb) wrote: Tired sequel adds nothing fresh or original to an already stale predecessor. This one seems to be directed on auto pilot.