Detective Fiction

Detective Fiction

When a man turns to detective writing as an escape from his court-ordered sobriety, the line between reality and fiction blurs. Based on the director's award-winning play of the same name.

When a man turns to detective writing as an escape from his court-ordered sobriety, the line between reality and fiction blurs. Based on the director's award-winning play of the same name. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew G (kr) wrote: Ridiculous dialogue and unbelievable situations make it near impossible to take this movie seriously as a romance, and it's not nearly funny enough to be considered a comedy. But the "bro" chemistry between Efron, Teller, and Jordan is electric.

Zelda B (jp) wrote: bit slow for me but endearing nevertheless,nice to see a father single parenting

Tim W (it) wrote: I really liked it. One of my favorite knock-offs of the classic Treasure Island story. Cool visuals, and an interesting concept to take things to outer space. Entertaining, cute, and adventurous.

Marc B (gb) wrote: Godzilla contre un godzilla de espace... pendant ce temps le japon envoie un robot g (C)ant en forme de pingouin.. sa r (C)sume pas mal le film XD

Devon W (ca) wrote: Schlockingly interesting, doesn't stand well to the test of time however.

Miranda B (nl) wrote: sigh...great music "just one of those things"...

John H (ca) wrote: Unapologetically soapy and stagebound, what keeps it from being another weak weepie is Bette Davis. Her facing down mortality could have been trite, but her unique screen presence illuminates and fleshes out her dying heiress, giving her both a feisty fight for life and a growing calm in the face of death - and in return, the film gets a surprisingly potent intelligence and depth. They really don't make 'em like they used to. (Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for Bogie!)

Adrian L (it) wrote: Great cast, plodding script, tries too hard.

Laura Jean M (mx) wrote: Outstanding drama thriller..have seen many times.

Kenny V (kr) wrote: "Liberal Arts" is an enjoyable, cleverly written film that should strike a note with college students current and former. The witty writing and earnest cast make its few pretentious missteps easy to brush off affectionately.

Archibald T (nl) wrote: Why watch a mock up slasher movie when you can find one from the 80s instead? I guess the best way to answer that question would be the fascination of it then the actual enjoyment of it. It's like viewing an experiment. We live in a day and age where some movies try their hardest to mimic the past. Thanks to Tarantino, a bunch of directors out there now think that what passes for commercial in the horror genre is by going Grindhouse. Many low budget horror movies have adapted to this trend. Some work, some don't. Just like the horror remakes. However, this mock up slasher flick doesn't bode well due to it's lack of pacing, poor acting and lame story. It does work in the atmosphere department which was VERY effective and a few death scenes were chilling. One big thing I didn't like was showing the killer's face too early and often in the film. That pissed me off. Killers in slasher movies only have their faces shown in the last act. It ruins the mystery if it's shown too early.The film's story is your basic run of the mill slasher. It's set at a sorority, very much like the ones in Black Christmas and House on Sorority Row. In fact, this film is more closer to Black Christmas with the exception of it being set around Christmas. It's 1981 and all the girls look modern. None of the actresses or guys in the film look nothing like one's from the 80s. You'd think authenticity would've crossed the director's mind, but no. Moving on...A new girl just suddenly decides, because the script says so, to join Alpha Gamma Theta sorority. Not knowing that a serial stalker/killer roams around looking to pick off the girls in the sorority one by one. It's always a bad time to join a sorority in these films. The killer uses a hammer as his weapon of choice. He bangs away at these poor girls AND IN THEIR FACES! :D This is the 2nd feature production company Gamma Knife Films have churned out. Their first was Death Stop Holocaust. So far they have a few more films that are to be in production soon. They're in their infancy at this point and it shows, but I will be looking out for more of their stuff.