After some personal trauma, Wilson Walmsley is invited to work as a substitute teacher in a suburban public high school. He finds lack of authority and interest in the school direction and teacher body; uncontrolled and abusive students in an environment of disrespect and lack of discipline. He becomes close to the arts teacher Louise and to the smart and abused student Joey. When he saves Louise from a sexual assault of the student Davey, Louise and him are sued by Davey's family lawyer; then Davey's girlfriend beats Louise. The upset Walmsley lures, drugs and kidnaps Joey and six troublemakers of his class and brings them to his isolate real estate in Alpine, Texas. When the seven students wake up, they are naked and caged in cages with electric fences. When Walmsley arrives, he advises that his class will begin, and any disrespect or lack of discipline will be duly punished, and shots Joey to make clear his intentions. And the class begins.

Five students are brought together in a "special detention class" and are forced to face their greatest struggles: teen pregnancy, drugs, violence, education, careers, family, life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Xavier V (au) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by Metro Manila. It was able to illustrate the level of corruption in this area of Phillipines and ,at the same time, provide an interesting story. Metro Manila delivered in both the cinematography and sound departments as well. I did have some nitpikey problems with the plot, however, it was a great watch over all.

RajanSatish P (es) wrote: Regular story told in a ultra rich urban style ..time and style were given more of importance than the story....

Bruce20 B (gb) wrote: Definitely plugs in the holes that Iron Man 2 broke open, but there are still some to fill to equal the Iron Man 1 film success. My Score: 83%

Shawna L (mx) wrote: It's always good to see Andy Griffith, but he belittled himself in this film, acting silly (in a bad way) and wearing way too much makeup. The actors in Cocoon were in their Golden Years but didn't wear such obvious foundation and blush. The young actors in this were just as bad--with bad cosmetics and poor acting.

Phillip W (ru) wrote: Let's see I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this movie.

Jordan W (mx) wrote: Although very predictable, I loved it and I loved the music. Had me smiling throughout.

Jacob P (us) wrote: This is a very disturbing movie. The opening scene I thought was just a little too much...and the part where she chops off his penis was a little too much too. The blood\gore is very common in this movie, especially from the children. There are very bloody\graphic\painfu parts in this film, but it is a very good movie and has a very creepy\eerie story.

Cecily B (gb) wrote: I read the book in 2013 and at the time I had no idea there was a movie at all. I just had an interest in the subject and thought the book was quite interesting. The movie is actually a little over 3 hours not the 2hrs that it states here on the site. I personally thought that Sally Field did a Fantastic job as Sybil I was quite pleased. I think the movie was long because they wanted to keep to the trueness of the book and usually people don't do that and botch the whole project but I really felt they did amazing! My only two things were that I thought many of the other personalities aside from Peggy were adults, maybe I wasn't paying attention enough and they said their ages at some point in the book and I missed it, but watching the movie that threw me off a little. Also I really didn't picture Sybil's mother looking like that from what I read. I guess thats the difference when you read and use your imagination a bit they aren't always going to match. Really enjoyed this movie and book.

Ben F (es) wrote: "Anywhere But Here" had a solid story. It's execution was pretty well done, and for the most part, it's acting was very good. The film had a good script and a pretty good story. So what was bad about this film? Well, for the most part it was fairly dull. I was actually surprised with how bored I found myself throughout this movie. There were particular scenes that I almost fell asleep during, and that's definitely not a good thing. There wasn't enough tangible substance in this movie for it to have a true effect on me. A mom and her daughter are pretty poor, but they decide to move out to California so the daughter can chase her dreams. The plot is so-so, but I think everyone was expecting the goodness to come out in the acting of Natalie Portman and Susan Sarandon. So plot wise, it's okay. I don't think the main plot of this movie was really what anyone was paying attention to. Like I said, for the most part the acting was pretty good. Natalie Portman gives a solid performance for how she used to act back when she was younger, and Susan Sarandon was actually very good in certain sequences. They both did a very good job. I don't really remember any of the other actors so I can't say anything about them. Like I said the main problem with this film was it's substance. First of all, it's filmed in this really awkwardly colored tint which made me want to take a nap, so that didn't really help matters. There were a lot of plot points that were quite predictable, in terms of how the mother and daughter got along with each other. There wasn't enough of a grasp on the characters for us to feel something when something bad was happening or anything. "Anywhere But Here" follows all of the instructions and abides by all of the film protocols. It's problem is that the film doesn't take any risks at all. For the most part the audience is witness to a highly-linear film, that hits every area that you think it was going to. The predictability drowns you in boredom, when your expecting the unexpected to happen. 20th Century Fox, along with Wayne Wong, didn't seem to want to do anything out of the ordinary. That was what plagued this film. There were some areas I liked, and I guess thats what made this movie so-so. I would recommend the film if you're really into this kind of stuff, but if your just a fan of film in's kind of a movie that could cause you to space out.

Sanjay R (de) wrote: There isn't any link to the story with the beautiful cinematography .. All gloss and not soul ... utterly disappointing .. Can't understand these Critics

Peter M (ru) wrote: Its cheap and its poorly acted but its bloody brilliant and crazy funny. If the band gwar were to make a movie it would be just like this.

Job A (fr) wrote: One of the most brutal 80's films I watch with some of the most horrible acting I've ever seen.Worth a watch if you are fan of slasher films.

Mackayla b (ag) wrote: Have always loved this movie

Mister C (fr) wrote: Nominated for 7 Oscars including Best Picture, this Samuel Bronston production was one of the most spectacular mega-produced epics ever made that was astounding in budget,astounding in cast,and magnificient in scope and sheer brilliance(filmed on location in the regions of Spain and North Africa). Anthony Mann directs this astounding classic tale of the 11th Century hero(Charlton Heston) who fought to unite Spain against the Moors. Known as history's "compassionate warrior" the film follows El Cid's remarkable journey from peace-broker accused of treason to the King's fighting champion,and later from exiled hero to legendary martyr. Unequaled in scope,grandeur and adventure this spectacular epic saga brings Sophia Loren, Raf Vallone, John Fraser, Genevieve Page, Gary Raymond and Herbert Lom with a compelling driven masterpiece of a film score from legendary composer Miklos Rozsa. See it in the full Super Panavision 70 format!

Scott C (ag) wrote: Ultra old fashioned, but extremely well made tale about a boy and his dog and coming of age in the wild west. The famous ending has perhaps lost a wee bit of its edge over the years, but it's still pretty powerful.

Tara H (fr) wrote: Great chemistry between Russell and Mitchum. A very funny, if distracting, turn from Vincent Price. 1951 came quite late in the noir era and you can almost see this movie becoming more conventional as it plays out. But some great moments, particularly in the early scenes and the confrontation with villain Raymond Barr, and stunning to look at as one might expect.

Bruce B (nl) wrote: Fashion Model A Bit of filmnoir. This is a Cute 61 Minute film made in 1946, a Comedy / Mystery. A stock boy is accused of murdering two fashion Models and owner of a fashion model agency, he and his girl friend try to prove he is innocent, and that's just what we have here innocent comedy, but still it's a 3 1/2 star movie

Neilio O (kr) wrote: A disappointingly sombre film that lacks tonal control and consistent comic relief yet features moments where the cast transcend the material and so make their characters human and relatable.