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Deti noci


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Alex J (it) wrote: Do not waste your time on this

Gman H (ag) wrote: I have to say that this movie really surprised me.It was unpleasant at times, but well directed and very well acted.[7/10]

cli o (de) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Gabriel J (nl) wrote: I know it has its issues, but for some reason I liked it.. I really wished a sequel would have been made with griffin because he was the best part. And it was a really good premise

alejandro r (jp) wrote: a veces todo parece perdido, por ke lo esta, comienza por disfrutarlo

Don C (br) wrote: I actually watched this entire movie just because I heard it was so bad. It is true what you've heard, it's a terrible, terrible movie. BUT, there are two scenes -- one with with Al Pacino and another with Christopher Walken -- that are both amazing. But that clocks in at about 8 minutes or so of the movie.

Ryan S (ca) wrote: Surprising hilarious movie, despite, or perhaps due to, it's randomness. Of course, with a movie like this that is only a collection of sketches, there are definitely some duds in the bunch, but for the most part they're great. Not your typical movie, but it's entertaining as hell.

Stephen S (ru) wrote: Pretty shitty. Hands down the worst Hitchcock film I've ever seen, and just a terrible film in general.