Deuce Coupe

Deuce Coupe

Two brothers are seperated by the love for the same woman - but they get united again by their fascination for speed and racing cars.

Two brothers are seperated by the love for the same woman - but they get united again by their fascination for speed and racing cars. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vory Z (nl) wrote: The actors should give their wages back.Except Gemma who is great.This movie was as pointless as it was pretentious.Actors use their star power to get paid but if they in movies like these then their star power turns to "beware this movie".At no part was it enjoyable or able to hold interest.

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Kristi D (gb) wrote: Very haunting, the true mystery of this story is not how she died, but how she was forgotten in a city of 8 million people. The interviews felt sincere and real, and at times incomplete, but isn't that how life really is? How much of ourselves do we really let out? I think that Morley makes us pause and reflect upon who we are and what we portray and our social interactions. Maybe more importantly, makes us ask the question, Could that have been me?

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Greg W (nl) wrote: action packed crime thriller i liked this!

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Ken T (gb) wrote: Definitely a SyFy "B" movie...It had decent action and special effects, but the acting was poor. The storyline was lacking in substance and the bad guy was lacking in everything including a decent villian personality. Oh well, with that script and the line up of virtually unknown actors and actresses what can you expect...

Jacob B (fr) wrote: It's more of a political drama/thriller than an action movie which, given the marketing, will be disappointing for some people but with an awesome cast and a pretty intense third act, it delivers.B+

James K (ca) wrote: sadly iv only seen transporter 2 with good old Jason statham the movie must have been sponsored by Audi but it is slightly unrealistic as if a Renault scenic can keep up with a Audi s8 something is wrong but as action gose it's good very good I'm not in to this type of movie but really did enjoy it would watch again and would recommend ID give this a 7 out of 10