Deutschland von oben

Deutschland von oben

"Germany from Above" invites the audience to fly over German cities, its countryside and waters, offering an unusual perspective: from above. A series in 4 seasons with each 3 episodes, plus an accompanying movie and a winter special.

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Alex S (gb) wrote: A real entertaining action packed B movie.It has Dolph Lundgren in "Gunner" mode with an army of robots fighting zombies, it is destined to become a cult film.

Chris J (kr) wrote: A great companion documentary to STYLE WARS.I'm a huge fan of bombing and graffiti. I can't think of any better way to activate a blank wall and call into question the ideas of authority, self-expression and entropy in one single gesture.As long as you have a society in place, you're going to have bombers. Period.

Dimity P (it) wrote: This movie was beautifully done...great imagery. It was a little slow in the beginning but I was fascinated throughout because I have Sicilian ancestors and this movie was a great window into their experience.

Kevin S (jp) wrote: This story evolves around the life of a guy named Jody who is selfish, and very immature. He is unemployed and and has two girlfriends who he has a kid to each of them. Also his mom has a new boyfriend named Melvin who he does not have a good relationship with. And there also is Rodney who is fresh out of jail who is after one of Jody's baby mommas. This movie puts you through a roller coaster ride of intense emotions. It's by far not perfect in any shape or form but still worth one watch. There are as well some parts that are funny. Like snoop dogg I thought he was pretty humerous here at times. The story kinda lacks interest a little but the movie is still enjoyable to watch.

Steve D (ag) wrote: Not bad for a watch but not memorable

ChillinDylan G (it) wrote: This is a BIG jump from the first time I watched this movie when it was first released 15+ years ago - which validates my theory that my tastes in film has definitely changed. I still don't like it as much as the other Wes Anderson works I have seen, but it was an interesting film with a very strong ending. The acting was good and, while the cinematography is always good in Anderson films I feel like the camerawork wasn't quite as strong or unique to his style in this movie. Also, the "stakes" weren't all that high for the most part - the only one who really had something to lose was Bill Murray's character. Nevertheless, it was well-written with a good mix of humor and strife. Love the scale of the high school production at the end. Lots of good stuff here, including a superb soundtrack; though it didn't feel as true to Wes Anderson's unique style as the other films of his I have seen and the dark moments that do pop up are quickly squelched where they possibly could have been investigated further.Grade = 7.5/10

WS W (jp) wrote: No explanation required.

Adam R (ag) wrote: Tron fights for the users. END OF LINE

Michael T (fr) wrote: Campy, slow-moving thriller is good for a few laughs.

Mack E (ru) wrote: I want to give this movie a big hug. Yes, I know I'm insane for anthropomorphizing a piece of cinema, but it's just so warm and glowy and damn perfect that it's impossible not to.

Michael L (it) wrote: I had wanted to see this for years now and finally settled down with it on a wintry night. I was expecting minimalist and quiet, but this was... as still as meditation (as others have remarked). That's not to say it was bad. I admire the hushed, poignant beauty that the shots of forest landscapes and sounds of birds chirping evoked once you gave in to them. Also affecting were the contrasting ugly images which portrayed the city (Portland, OR, I believe) as ugly, lonely, and sad. Despite those minimalist meditative intentions of the film maker, I kept wanting these two likable and very relatable characters to hash out their differences once and for all in a real conversation. I kept waiting for it and it never came. Is it wrong that I think "Old Joy" could have become something truly profound if that exchange had occured and been well written? Still, there is much to the film that is said through silence, body language, and brief sidelong glances. If you have ever felt sadness over growing apart from old, dear friends then "Old Joy" will touch you. P.S. - I never thought the characters had been lovers while watching, but now in retrospect it doesn't seem quite so clear. What is the consensus? Did they do more at that hot spring than we were shown and is that why the ride home was so quiet?

Taija H (ca) wrote: Lasten syysloman alkamisen kunniaksi kytiin tmn jttilisen kimppuun. Fantasia ei tod ole meiklisen juttu, mutta tm ykksleffa viel menettelee. Ainakin johonkin Rivendeliin tai ehk jopa Morianiin asti. Alku on kepe kontuilua, mustat ratsastajat ovat hyytvi, ja haltiat Liv Tylerin johdolla ihania. Mutta lopun (ja seuraavien elokuvien) rkkitaistelut ovat turhan hyv unilkett. Sama juttu kirjassa. Aikoinaan olen vkisin kahlannut lpi, samoin leffan aiemmilla katselukerroilla. Ei vaan jaksa pystymn. Uuden Seelannin maisemat ovat kyll silmi hivelevn upeita, ja niill kyll mssilln kiitettvsti.

Roxanne C (de) wrote: Good movie about a whole lot of spoiled brats !

Filippo V (it) wrote: Il film cerca di dare una visione satirica e divertente sul mondo della moda e il mondo delle celebrit in generale. Nonostante l'idea possa sembrare vincente, cade in battute pietose e in un umorismo piuttosto scontato.

Tessa P (gb) wrote: This movie plot is just sick.....