Joint Commissioner of Police Dev Pratap Singh, a duty-bound, self-righteous officer, and Special Commissioner Tejinder Khosla, the balancing force between the political interests of Chief Minister Bhandarker and Dev's commitment to the law, are lifelong friends, each with his own ideals. Farhaan, a law graduate, was brought up with ideals of non-violence and patriotism. Dev unwittingly gives Farhaan the wound that plunges him into rage and violence after witnessing the death of his father during a peace demonstration. Taking advantage of the situation, corrupt politician Latif sets the vulnerable young man on a path of violence and destruction that threatens to ignite the city. Aalyn is the light in Farhaan's life. Beautiful and innocent, the young woman also gets caught in extraordinary circumstances that transform her life and she dares to stand up for the truth.

Joint Commissioner of Police Dev Pratap Singh, a duty-bound, self-righteous officer, and Special Commissioner Tejinder Khosla, the balancing force between the political interests of Chief ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jin T (mx) wrote: The movie starts real slow and the only time it actually picks up is towards the end of the movie. I didn't quite get what was going on at first but halfway into the movie, I finally understood the story. The context of it was lacking and I quite didn't seem to enjoy the overall movie itself. Maybe it's the story or the guy who is hell bent on revenge throughout the movie. Either way, it was just another typical of a revenge movie. I hate to compare but Out of the Furnace was more tragically poetic than this. It's not because Christian Bale did an outstanding job on that, even Casey Affleck did too. Don't get me wrong, Macon Blair who played as Dwight did an awesome performance in this. I really like his acting in this one. I don't know where he is known from but his performance in this movie really outshines the story itself.

Daniel L (ag) wrote: Terrible, unoriginal, and predictable movie about a rich girl with daddy problems who just wants to surf.

Kelvin L (ca) wrote: I was so saddened by the afflicted especially the Bhopal 's folks .... Another example of the coward corporate ripping people off their money and dignity

Nandini (ca) wrote: Ya gotta love Charlie!

Nathaniel R (ca) wrote: i will probably watch this one

Jeremy G (ru) wrote: Yet another crappy gay themed movie. Why are they all so bad? I thought that a flick with Michael Lerner couldn't be too bad. Awful script, poorly directed, cast was extremely lackluster, pacing was way too slow and the back and forth lost me.

Frances H (kr) wrote: Very interesting and quite sensitive film about the complexity of gender and sexuality.

Peter K (us) wrote: Lush, sweeping saga. Actor, dirctor Nikita Mikhalkov towers above the rest of the cast. It's a little long, but one hardly notices.

Eleftherios X (mx) wrote: Doesn't deserve the Razzie. Good for its time and actors.

Tapani M (kr) wrote: In the cover of Breezy there is a quote from Clint Eastwood: "This is one of my favourite films that I have directed". I have never even heard of this film - so I bought it from the discount box at 4,99, (Sometimes a quote on the cover of the DVD can make a sale). It's about a romance between older man and a twenty year old hippie girl. Story is well-told and characters believable (at least in 1973's reality). Acting could have had more depth - too much glycerine tears. Casting was perfect - Kay Lenz is a spot on as a cute flower child and William Holden is a real depiction of a bitter old man.

Simon M (ru) wrote: Totally different Elvis Presley film - beard and no singing in the film except for the opening titles. Quite enjoyable, Elvis in a western

Michael T (br) wrote: Some of the films that the Shout Factory has released as part of its Roger Corman's Cult Classics series are actually pretty decent genre films and others are, well, not. Corman cannot really be blamed for this one, his New World Pictures distributed it but it was actually an Italian film directed by Luigi Cozzi that was quickly and cheaply made to cash in on the success of Star Wars. The film lacks the charm and fun that went into the Corman-produced Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) and recycles the concept of the styrafoam planet from the original Star Trek TV series. The main reason this film was made, it appears, was to show off the, er, charms of cult British actress Caroline Munro. She plays the heroine of the piece and wears a skimpy Barbella-like outfit (even on a freezing cold planet). The cast includes former evangalist Marjoe Gortner and a pre-Knight Rider David Hasselhoff. Christopher Plumber shows up to play the emproer of the Universe and the main heavy is Joe Spinelli as an evil count out to overthrow the emporer and remake the universe in his own image. The plot really doesn't matter here, the film is probably best enjoyed as a campy relic of a bygone day when everyone wanted to cash in on Star Wars. Munro and Spinelli would be reunited in the unpleasant Maniac (1980) and later would appear in the under-rated Fanatic (Last Horror Picture) in 1982. Hamilton Camp, who provides the voice for Elle the robot who joins Caroline's crew, was married to Ms. Munro at the time.

Christopher B (au) wrote: This was good. Definitely not what I expected but neither is life.