A wealthy male starts to self-destruct after he finds that his childhood sweetheart is now his sister-in-law.

A wealthy male starts to self-destruct after he finds that his childhood sweetheart is now his sister-in-law. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard I (br) wrote: Darkly honest portrayal of a young woman's move from unquestioning obedience to constrained liberty.

Robert I (us) wrote: Not a bad crime film. We've seen it all before, but quirky crime comedies are always fun.

Stephen C (au) wrote: Words can't describe the awfulness. You spend most of the movie waiting for the guy to kill the annoying stalker woman, but not even that happens.

Anthony P (kr) wrote: Enjoyable late 90's Dark comedy from the writer or the Scream franchise. Helen MIrren gives a great performance as the Teacher from Hell Mrs, Tingle and Katie Holems is a likable lead. Worth watching if you are a fan of these types of films.

Cheewai L (jp) wrote: Delightful storytelling and impeccable acting by the two child protagonists. Just got to love it.

Candy B (it) wrote: I loved this back when it came out and still enjoy it now as I love Cornwall and Devon and the whole surf thing!Terry is cool - Great movie.

Ken T (nl) wrote: As I stated with part three already...They should have stopped at number one"

Warren S (ru) wrote: Not a patch on the other Forster adaptations. Very disappointing.

Barb S (gb) wrote: excellent movie. fast paced and funny.

Jessica H (jp) wrote: My favorite canaine Actor is back on thr scene in a film lacking substacial material. I'm sure this film was created for the cast and not the aduience.

Peter W (ag) wrote: Breaking Glass, Cuba Libre', Cigarettes, Super Sexed, Amazing Camera Work, and Bitch Slappin'. Enjoy my friend... Enjoy.

Nicolas L (de) wrote: The cinematography is excellent; that's the only positive thing I have to say about this film. The characters are dull at their best and irritating at worst. The score is overbearing. The underwater shots make me think of 'Jaws' and how much better that movie is. I ALMOST laughed, which should give you an idea of how funny I thought this horror-comedy was.

Tyler E (it) wrote: A very fun movie for the kids as well as adults. While the animation hasn't aged well at all, the story certainly hasn't and is still a great film to watch.

Merlyns L (mx) wrote: Saw this when it first came out. Snuck in without my parents permission. I love Bella, but I was disappointed slightly.