A young rebellious girl hooks up with a biker gang. Her mother hires a private detective to find her and bring her back. The detective goes undercover as a biker to search for her.

Devi is a young woman who lives in a village in India with her widowed mother, Jamuna. She meets with the local doctor, Shekhar, both fall in love with each other, and get married. This ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcus W (gb) wrote: A cracking coming-of-age punk rock girl power slice of 80's nostalgia.

Scott M (us) wrote: This worked so well; I can't imagine anyone not appreciating the quality here. With a minimum of melodrama the story is told, and the survivors interviewed; what really makes this special is the inclusion of long unbroken segments of footage shot at the time in the couple's home and at the courthouse that makes us feel as if we know them. A timely story, expertly told.

Ali G (jp) wrote: .................................................bla bla bla..............................................bla bla bla..................... porque ingaos gastan tanta pelicula en tomas estaticas????????

Paul D (br) wrote: A film that is way too long and lacks the gore or smart performances to be enjoyable at any level.

Andrea B (ag) wrote: intriguing doco documenting an important aussie sub-culture thru the eyes of the Maroubra 'Bra Boys' surf clan. could have been edited a little tighter but considering it was directed by one of the abberton brothers it was still entertaining and at times a very moving true account exposing the real people behind the hyped up media headlines.

Joe G (au) wrote: is this gonna be "good"? Or fun? I hate "good" movies.

Robyn M (jp) wrote: In consistent with too many plot holes.Director Meyjes' film boasts impressively strong performances but is hampered by a bipolar script that bounces from touching to treacly and back again and dialogue that's sometimes way too obvious. "Just be yourself," David constantly tells Dennis when, in reality, he expects his son to fall in line with the new world order.

Ricky M (nl) wrote: B+ Very well done, but extremely depressing.

Edwin M (ru) wrote: Sean Bean as a pub footy player, boozin, shaggin strippers & baggin debut goals for t'blades! Cheesy classic

Shahed M (es) wrote: Patrice Leconte's Monsieur Hire is my new favorite film! As far as Hitchcock influence, I'd say voyeurism about your neighbor(esp. a beautiful one) and witnessing a murder is the only similarities and thats it. This movie is more about love, to be exact unrequited love. It goes into your head and makes you think that this movies walks on the grey area of love and obsession; until towards the end when you sit speechless and realize that every assumptions you made about the two protagonists are wrong! Anything I feel like saying about this movie will be a spoiler. Quoting Roger Ebert's conclusion instead: "Monsieur Hire" is a film about conversations that never are held, desires that never are expressed, fantasies that never are realized

Waynewv37 W (gb) wrote: If you like your Gothic horror with boobs and blood. This ones for you

Jacob B (ru) wrote: Walking Tall has some entertaining action sequences which is surprising for a film based off of a true story with the protagonist's name and the film's setting being altered...for some reason. The Rock also shows that he's a pretty good action hero especially given he was still a wrestler around the time this film was released before he told Hollywood "Call me Dwayne Johnson". Sadly, the film ends too soon at 86 minutes including credits and also feels pretty forgettable. Also, was there any valid reason as to why Johnny Knoxville's in the movie? Neal McDonough I can understand as he's the villain or something,I think (like I said, feels forgettable). But the star of MTV's Jackass? You could literally get an unknown to portray Knoxville's character and no one would've given a crap about it. Summary: Solid action but too short with one actor having no legitimate reasons for being in this film other than to make money.

Alan D (ru) wrote: Pure escapism. Wonderful. Totally sweet.

Matt W (mx) wrote: Hilarious mystery/comedy. A good family friendly movie...don knotts and tim conway kill! The non-rhyming poems still make me laugh each time.

Jenn M (ag) wrote: Lol I saw this when I was little. It was a rip off of Indiana Jones without the beauty of Harrison Ford

Scott M (ru) wrote: Shoooosh! The only movie Pauly Shore will be remembered in!

Caleb C (nl) wrote: nothing more then a bunch of 13 year-olds trying to make "edgy" jokes...

Orlok W (fr) wrote: We can become devils or angels, but as children, we are both--Psychological, cinematographic and literary!!