Devil in the Flesh

Devil in the Flesh

During World War I, the star-crossed affair of an underage French student with a woman engaged to a soldier. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yene K (us) wrote: Deepest movie I've watched in a whiiiile... Gripped my guts and wrenched them in a full range of emotions, from dread and anguish, to love and despair and exhilaration...Gained more insight about India and its political-ethno-religious peculiarities in two hours than I have, in all my yrs of schooling... *Fabulous, soulful movie*

Walter M (nl) wrote: "Dreams of a Life" is an artfully made and haunting documentary about Joyce Vincent whose body was found in her London bedsit(if Wikipedia is to be believed, it's the English equivalent of an SRO) three years after she died, and only because she was about to be evicted for non-payment of rent. While her remains were only idenitifiable through dental records and so badly gone no cause of death could possibly be found, it is the sort of case that is a pipe dream for tabloid reporters. At the same time, the local MP wants answers and filmmaker Carol Morley puts ads in the newspapers to get in touch with former friends and loved ones.(Joyce's older sisters refused to particpate out of privacy for the family.) Through interviews, Morley fills in the gaps of Joyce's timeline, along with faint glimpses of Joyce herself, through a snippet of her voice and a stunning final image. Joyce's death comes as something of a surprise considering she was only 38.(For the record, her mother was 41 when she died.) But with all the information given and theories floated, the one I don't recall having been given is the possibility that she might have been using drugs. Not to stereotype any more than absolutely necessary, but Joyce tried to get into the music business where musicians have been known to on occasion use drugs. This also might explain her fall from grace and frequent job changes which she tried to hide from her friends with her carefree manner.

Dann G (de) wrote: As a first feature effort from a budding new filmmaker stuck with a budget smaller than the nucleus of an atom, it??s an amazingly effective scare fest that knows the best parts to borrow from the giants of the genre

(it) wrote: "For Ellen is a sad movie. Joby Taylor has always wanted fame, but has little of it. He left behind a wife and child trying to achieve it. When his estranged wife wants a divorce, Joby agrees to sign the papers thinking he will get half of the money from the sale of their home and shared custody of their daughter, Ellen. Joby is unaware of the final print in his divorce which states that since he will receive half of the homes sale money he will therefore sign over all rights over to his wife. Although I am no fan of absent father's, I did feel a little bad for Joby and sad for his daughter, Ellen. Joby's lawyer, Fred, tries to find a way for Joby to have shared custody, but is unable to. Joby talks his way into spending time with Ellen for the first and last time. Very bittersweet. Paul Danno is amazing as always. He really does give one of his better performances. The weight of the film is all on his performance for he is alone most of the time. All of the other actors play minor roles. It's not a film I would probably see again though. It's depressing."

Brianna V (ru) wrote: It's a really good movie and I think anyone should enjoy it especially the teens

Eric M (ag) wrote: Generic but somewhat enjoyable.

Brett C (de) wrote: I watched I Heart Huckabees a couple of weeks ago, and I thought positively of it as it surprised me, and by the end of it, I was happy with what I just watched. The second time round was still positive, but then I started to see the problems of the film much more clearly than I did during my initial viewing. The film's problems aren't enough to hold me back from watching this again, as the positive outweighs the negative but I Heart Huckabees is a weaker entry when compared to the standards that director, David O. Russell has provided us in recent years.The film was written by Jeff Baena and David O. Russell. Russell has been known to be involved during the writing process of a film, aside from The Fighter. Baena on the other hand has only written this film, but recently he just released a film which he wrote and also directed entitled Life After Beth. I think out of all of the films that Russell has written, at least the ones I've seen, this one is his most ambitious. The story tackles ideas and questions that we as humans don't even ask or contemplate, but each and every one of us has our own reasons for not doing so. It may be because we are already comfortable with our current belief of reality and the meaning of life, or maybe we avoid asking these things because sometimes ignorance is just bliss. I'm still in the middle of that spectrum and so is the film's protagonist, though he is a lot more obsessed about it as I am. Our protagonist starts off as a man who is simply curious about his coincidences but further into his "therapy", he goes into this journey of understanding the concept and meaning of life. Along this journey, a chain of people start to become involved with it, with most of them with different intentions, but all seem to lead to a similar resolution. I really enjoyed the ambition that the film has by tackling these ideas but sadly by the end of it, it never makes any sense. To some it won't matter because it's all about the hilarious journey he is in, but it would have helped if we also, as the viewer, will gain something significant out of it. The film doesn't make a point and it isn't bias, which leaves us for interpretation and the decision, but personally it just brought me back to square one. I think this would be a film that would gain different responses from me through different stages of my life.The film was directed by David O. Russell and this was coming off the success of his previous film, Three Kings. I understand the poor reception that this film gets because it is easy to become frustrated from a film like this and it tries a bit too hard to be original. I, on the other hand didn't feel any major frustration with the film, as I took it as it is. I didn't take it's subject matter to the point where it defined the film, as there is more to the film than just it's ideas of life. It's also simply just a hilarious story of a guy trying to find a meaning of something that never really meant anything anyways. It could also be just a man who is so unhappy with his current situation and just needed to find solace. I Heart Huckabees was a hilarious film that I feel deserves a lot of credit for pushing the boundaries of what a comedy could do. Who knew the meaning of life could be so hilarious. Russell was able to balance both the film's themes and comedy, which I think is quite impressive. I have always regarded David O. Russell as a great director when it comes to creating and handling comedy, even in his films with such weight, drama and seriousness, as he can find some room to have the audience gain a chuckle or two. I Heart Huckabees has the laughs, with ideas like the "Pure Being" and Dawn's switch after her talk with the existential detectives. I was quite disappointed with the way Russell handled the first couple of minutes of the film, as it never seems to achieve any sense of comedy and we come into the film feeling too blind of what is going on. The bulk of the film's best moments start when Mark Whalberg comes into the picture and he joins along our protagonist in this road to understanding. Also the scene where we meet Albert's parents, though important in gaining an understanding of the character, felt a little too out of place. The film would have benefited if it cut the scene out and explored his past on a different way, or at least create a bit more comedy for it. The film's pacing was great though a bit slow at the start. The film seems to keep me interested because at the end of each scene we can feel a sense of acceleration towards understanding or solving the predicament that Albert is currently in.The film was shot by Peter Deming and he has worked on notable films and with notable directors. Sadly though, his photography on I Heart Huckabees was underwhelming. Deming never seems to bring anything new or interesting to the film's photography. I didn't feel any closer to the characters and I didn't get that connection the cinematography has with the film's story and themes, luckily the film's writing and acting makes up for that. The photography did however achieve in creating that light comedic tone that the film needed in order to lift off a lot of the heavy weight that the film's subject matter brings. The film features light colors and angles that make certain things seem funnier than it normally is.The film's score was handled by Jon Brion and he notably has also worked on films like Magnolia, Boogie Nights, Punch Drunk-Love, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Brion brings this quirky, funny tone to his tunes and most of the time it sells a lot of the film's comedy. Straight from the beginning of the film, the score was able to put me in the right mindset for the film, which i think is essential for a film like this. I think if the score was handled differently, this film would have felt really different. Also the song that runs through the start of the credits is a perfect fit with the film's ideas, story and tone.I Heart Huckabees is an ensemble film and it features some actors that are commonly known and expected to be funny, and some that struck me by surprise on how funny they actually are. The film's protagonist Albert was played by Jason Schwartzman and I only knew of his work from his supporting role in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. Schwartzman was great in this film with him being able to be both serious or dramatic and funny in service to the film's story. H was able to convince me that the problems that Albert had was really serious and that scene he had when Albert confronts his parents was sadder than I expected, while still maintaining the film's positive tone. Mark Whalberg plays Tommy, who is also suffering similar problems as Albert and decides to help him in his journey. I think this is his best performance, comedy-wise, as he really gives the character Tommy a layer of seriousness, which makes the things he does in the film all the more hilarious. The relationship between Albert and Tommy were a delight to watch, and a lot of it had to with perfect casting. Dustin Hoffman as Bernard and Lily Tomlin as Vivian were also great to watch as both were quirky but not to the point where we can't even relate anymore. They both are able to sell the comedic moments of their characters so well, with examples like the scene where they listen on an argument between Dawn and Brad, or the even the small moments like when Hoffman had a bunch of chalk squares on his back. Jude Law, who plays Brad, was a great antagonist as he doesn't play his character straight. As his villain-ness, I think that's a word, is found underneath and his intentions doesn't seem to be clear until later on the film. We only see him as a villain because our protagonist says so. Law's performance becomes better and better as the film goes on as devastating things start to pile on and on in his life, and his reactions to it are golden. Naomi Watts as Dawn was also a standout, ranking up there with the performances brought by Whalberg and Schwartzman. She was able to be funny without having to do a whole lot, aside from the scene where she walks towards Jude Law and a glass stands between the both of them, and I think if someone is able to funny without having to be over the top and let the comedy come out by being natural, then one deserves some sort of praise. Isabelle Huppert, I think, was the weakest link, with some moments she felt flat. Sometimes either she tries too hard to be funny, or she doesn't try hard enough. David O. Russell is an actor's director, he really knows how to bring out the best from their performance, with most of his films featuring wonderful performances from it's cast. He is a man who knows what he wants, and I think actors would love to work with him because of that.I Heart Huckabees isn't David O. Russell's best film but it's his most ambitious. It features great ideas, a delightful score, and wonderful performances from it's cast. So far it may be the director's weakest film, but it doesn't mean it's a bad film, it's just not for everyone.

bill s (fr) wrote: Would have been OK as a short subject but not as a full length movie.

Constance B (it) wrote: SUPER FUNNY lol it reminds me of some of my girls n my bf. it's a movie for men to have a laughter n girls who need to wake up!

Adam W (ru) wrote: Complete tosh, a film that makes you wish you were blind.

jnia j (gb) wrote: Judd Nelson was a freaky sort of badass!

Kato H (ru) wrote: a while back caught a glimps of this, woul like to see it in full.

Spencer H (ru) wrote: I did not know Sherlock Holmes could be this bad ass without being ruined, Downey Jr. does the character justice. Him and Jude Law have great chemistry and make me laugh.

Ken S (es) wrote: This documentary about the rise and fall of the "National Lampoon" magazine and it's spin-offs on stage, radio, and screen...the people involved, and it's influence and impact on the comedy world. It is well made and entertaining, and you can definitely see the influence this brand had on the comedy world. From SNL to the raunchy comedy films of the 80s, this Magazine practically launched a comedic genre. I sort of wish the downfall of the magazine and the dilution of the brand, as now it seems like any stupid direct-to-video comedy crap gets the National Lampoon logo slapped on know, how did that happen? But for the rise and the very beginnings of the fall, or at least the tail end of the glory years, this is a fine documentary.