Devil's Den

Devil's Den

Quinn Taylor and his friend Nick are on their way back from Mexico with a load of Spanish Fly to sell in the States. They stop at a gentlemen's club called The Devil's Den and decide to test out their product on the unsuspecting women there. Only, these women aren't really human, and the two men find themselves in a very fatal position. Also tossed in are a female-assassin on the hunt for Quinn, a monster hunter!

Two small time drug-dealers cross paths with a female-assassin, a monster hunter, a Japanese swordsman and even the Devil himself at a gentlemen's club housing murderous she-demons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian L (de) wrote: A truly awful piece of self indulgent drivel.

Johann M (es) wrote: The strong performances by Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart are what kept me engaged until the end in this, otherwise, painful-to-watch movie. It's definitely not for everyone, but I thought it was worth viewing.

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Joseph R (ca) wrote: This one was given an intentionally cheesy dub by the American distributors who wanted to make the film into something of a throwback. It kind of works in the film's favor though, strangely enough. Unfortunately, it appears some people on here have missed the joke. I'd also to remind my fellow American reviewers that Hollywood's special effects set the gold standard for the rest of the world in many regards, so you should take that into consideration when critiquing foreign features

James M (kr) wrote: A decent coming-of-age story with variable performances.

Vanessa P (ca) wrote: never get tired of watching this.

Private U (ag) wrote: One of the funniest movies I have ever seen.

Robert B (mx) wrote: What they did wrong here was cut away just before the violence happened, only to show us a quick blood splatter. A movie like this needs to show us more. And why is the guy from Rambo 2 in this? Did he run out of Megavixens money?

J L (ag) wrote: tom was cool in this but the movie was ok

Timothy S (ca) wrote: "Crocodile Dundee" was the second highest-grossing film of the year, and while that was difficult to understand in 1986, it's almost impossible to comprehend now that I watch it again with a fresh set of eyes. It's your standard fish-out-of-water tale that relies heavily on the considerable charm of its star, but that only takes the film so far.Paul Hogan came up with the story and stars in the title role, and he's also the primary reason that this was a monster hit. In the second half, when Dundee follows reporter Linda Kozlowski to New York, is obvious and ripe for easy jokes concerning how a Bushman from Australia would view contemporary society. There are some good moments here, and they are the very reason American audiences fell in love with this.Unfortunately, you have to sit through forty-five minutes of the couple in Hogan's homeland first. There is simply no opportunity for humor the entire time, and although the scenery is pretty, it's a wonder to me that the audience was patient enough to even make it to the New York setting. And frankly it's a good thing that Hogan is so charismatic in his film debut because Kozlowski has none, and the relationship that apparently develops between them never feels authentic. In fact, there's no clue that it is even going to happen other than the fact that the movie is Americanized enough that it's expected. I think the ending in the subway was going for something similar to the ending of "An Officer and a Gentleman," but this feels phony and forced."Crocodile Dundee" gets the credit for starting this country's obsession for all things Australian, but I never saw its appeal. It's an oddity more than anything else.