Devil's Island

Devil's Island

The story of families living in barracks, left by the US Army in Reykjavik at the conclusion of World War II.

The story of families living in barracks, left by the US Army in Reykjavik at the conclusion of World War II. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (de) wrote: The first hour of this film is terrible, clearly aimed towards an American audience with its impression that we're all upper-middle-class in Britain, land our first teenage flats in the affluent Abbey Road Beatle fame area of north-west London, and look a bit like Prince Harry if were young free and single. The dialogue is also crass, but suitably so for the aforementioned... this is even before the ridiculous plot is revealed, or the inevitable arrival of an American on the scene (just to confirm this is not a film aimed at a British audience). The second part however develops a meaningful father-son relationship through the crux of the plot, and it does get a lot better.

Glenn C (ag) wrote: Any Questions For Ben tanked at the box office. I just watched it and totally enjoyed it. The Working Dog mob rarely disappoint and I think it's to their credit that they haven't recycled a formula yet. From A River Somewhere to The Castle... Funky Squad to The Dish... (amongst others) they can't be accused of milking the cash cow. When they pulled the pin on their awesome tv series The Panel, they did so while it was still flying. They knew to quit while they were ahead... and so their 3 films to date have all been worlds apart. The first thing that stood out was the way Melbourne is represented. The cinematography is love letter to our home town and the city has never looked so amazing. And of course there's the soundtrack. As with The Dish, they have filled the movie with perfectly chosen tunes and they let the music tell much of the story. And finally there's the cast and their performances. Very nicely done on all accounts. The script might not be highly original but the players give it authenticity and I suspect they were given the freedom to ad-lib. It all works for me. There's something about Australian rom-coms. We do it so well and watching Any Questions For Ben? got me reflecting on other ones we've produced over the years. The Big Steal, I Love You Too, Summer Coda, Strictly Ballroom (etc)... we have a unique way of telling these stories. It's also great to see Rachel Taylor maintaining an Australian career alongside her Hollywood one. Kudos to her!

Eric J (kr) wrote: Mixed reviews, but still curious.

Vamsi M (ag) wrote: good acting, great music.

owen b (kr) wrote: okay i'll admit, there are some people who will defend this movie and say i'ts good. it's better then the star wars prequels that's one thing for sure. when it came to the characters and the plot, it was a mess. the idea is interesting. a guy wakes up a mars and has super strength and can jump really far, that's cool and intriguing but has been used before.Owens grade: C+

Nicole G (fr) wrote: Exellent....The middle story is a little slow, but the first and last ones are amazing...I great story on one of the rights woman have had to fight so hard for....

Heather M (ag) wrote: Who named these characters? Darlette - is that even a real name? I don't think so - and I have had some experience with crazy names. I really wish I didn't know about all of Brad Pitt's early attempts at acting.

Neil O (it) wrote: Shades of Psycho feature in this William Castle movie with an inspired twist. Castle has his usual gimmicks to give his film its own identity. This one has a 45 second countdown clock in which scared audience members could leave the theater, but they would be called cowards and have to sit in the Coward(TM)s Corner? in the theater lobby.

Dave R (au) wrote: a good dramatization of the early days of the FBI. cagney is great - as usual - as a streetwise guy who makes it through law school with support from a crime boss (interesting to see here the roots of the later gangster movies: "internal affairs" and "the departed"). when he joins the g-men to avenge the death of a friend his intimate knowledge of the mob helps him take them down.

Michael H (it) wrote: Pleasant enough diversion with a likeable cast and a bit of uplift at the end. But there are no surprises and little effective drama or comedy. It's just "nice". After investing in driving to a theater and buying a ticket and watching an hour and a half of movie, the reward seems ... insufficient.