Devil's Knot

Devil's Knot

The savage murders of three young children sparks a controversial trial of three teenagers accused of killing the kids as part of a satanic ritual.

The savage murders of three young children sparks a controversial trial of three teenagers accused of killing the kids as part of a satanic ritual. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott E (gb) wrote: Everything about this movie clicked, dragging you further and further down the rabbit hole, just to leave you sitting there at the end thinking, "Is that it?" I can't remember the last time I sat through such an engrossing buildup just to feel completely let down by a rushed ending that seemed to be pulled out of a hat.

Adam D (us) wrote: A decent horror flick

Annika O (jp) wrote: It's spontaneous and silly, and the toilet scene always gets me going.

Jacob G (ca) wrote: Basically as advertised--short vignettes of interactions after intimate interactions. Nothing that is really surprising... as such, nothing that is too amusing. Worth a view for a relational movie about sex without really any sex...and one which explores deeper relationship issues.

Sophie P (us) wrote: A little slow in places, but I still feel in love with most of the characters.

Private U (ag) wrote: SO FUNNY MOVIE. BHAVIK

Matthew V (br) wrote: Similar to 50 Cent's "Get Rich or Die Tryin'", this dramatic gangster movie is a riveting one. DMX portrays a character that was written just for him. The twists and turns are mind-blowing. David Arquette gives an outstanding performance. A very entertaining movie.

Bas v (ru) wrote: Bit of a slow starter. Was wondering if they'd get over the fuck/sex/shit talk, 'cos if that would continue for too long it would've been a plain and boring movie. However, things change and the story becomes interesting about half an hour in. Especially the way things are portrait is very cleverly done, particularly showing both sides of a story at the same time and in sync - very clever editing.However, towards the ending you're sort of left with your own ideas or lack thereof and it's unsure who did what.Unsatisfactory too many blondies! :)

Dave T (es) wrote: Not bad & has some funny ass moments. Zack Morris on crack!

Andrew O (ca) wrote: A well told story about the difference of manhood and childhood.

Ted W (gb) wrote: Funny entertaining popcorn film with your friends kind of movie starring Sean penn and a lot of famous people that are famous now not then, man I'm talking like Sean Penn's character what's his face. Their are a lot of disgusting things or scenes in this movie but that's what you'd expect in a high school movie, nudity, it's just fact but now a days it's turning into a cliche.

Brian B (ag) wrote: From gimmick director William Castle comes a film that could use a jolt of schlocky fun. There are actually 15 girls, but other than the lead, none of them ever shows anything resembling fear or a personality. The girls run the gamut of stereotypes, including a Swede who murmurs, "I want to be alone," a hot-blooded South American, and a curiously manly and athletic Russian. As for poor Mai-Ling (the Chinese student), her every appearance is accompanied by mysterious East music, and she seems to have studied speech with Mr. Magoo's servant. The closest thing to a twist is that the big enemy turns out not to be the Russians, but those other commie bastards, the red Chinese. The scariest thing in the film is a our 16-year-old lead attempting to seduce a much older Murray Hamilton. That's just icky.

Alex S (us) wrote: This all-star cast surely delivers in this African safari romance - very lustly! Of course there is also the fact that everyone looked wonderful, especially Ava Gardener's more daring outfits. Definitely worth checking out.

Connor G (br) wrote: A fun movie about dance and how it can affect the people who watch it.

Darrin C (kr) wrote: Despite what some users say about this Marx classic, this is my fave! Highly recommended.

Jared H (au) wrote: tells an American tale

Sawyer W (us) wrote: Very good movie. It gets you thinking about it. I liked it and I was surprised by the critics review. I thought they wouldn't like it. Now waiting for 10 Cloverfield Lane!

Dhaval P (br) wrote: I grew up on Transformers, and I loved the cartoon show and the full-length cartoon movie. Optimus Prime was a hero of mine alongside Superman, and as a car nut, cars that transform into robots was awesome. That's why it's so sad what Michael Bay has created with these movies. The first of the series was pretty bad, but was watchable for the sheer fun of seeing Transformers in a live action movie and watching the hot Meghan Fox prancing around in Daisy Dukes.The Age of Extinction is horribly written and follows the same script as the others. Even Bumblebee transforms yet again from an old '67 Camaro to a modern day Camaro. The story in brief is, the Autobots are being hunted by the American government, and a Decepticon mercenary. Good guys fight bad guys.I'd like to beg J.J. Abrams to reboot the entire series and taken it away from Mr. Bay. A reboot with some semblance of a clever plot/story to save such a fantastic story.