Devils of Darkness

Devils of Darkness

A secret vampire cult, which has its headquarters beneath the town cemetery, searches for victims for its human sacrifice rituals.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:artist,   jealousy,   curse,  

A secret vampire cult, which has its headquarters beneath the town cemetery, searches for victims for its human sacrifice rituals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Therese O (br) wrote: Wow. This was a little slow sometimes but a real gem! I enjoyed it a lot. And yes, you can say, that it's because I'm a super die hard Martin Donovan fan. But more than that, this was quirky, light, fun and entertaining. Thumbs up!

Jakeri C (us) wrote: Great movie, if a little formulaic at times.

Walter M (mx) wrote: Just as Italy is torn over a comatose woman being taken off of life support, Uliano(Toni Servillo), a senator, is called back to Rome for a very important vote on the subject. At the same time, his daughter Maria(Alba Rohrwacher) travels to the woman's hospital to join the vigil. Along the way, she has water thrown in her face at a rest area. Coming to her rescue is Roberto(Michele Riondino) who also writes his phone number on her arm. As unfamiliar as I am with the events that inspired "Dormant Beauty," and with Italian politics in general, it does come as no surprise that Catholic Italy would lose its collective sanity in all proportion to a case involving privacy. That also serves to explain the heightened emotions that Maria is feeling towards Roberto. And if only the movie had stayed with Maria and her deeply conflicted father, this might have been truly something when there is enough in their respective stories for a feature. Instead, the movie muddles it with two other unrelated storylines, one involving Rossa(Maya Sansa) who is trying for the world record in self-destructtion and yet another comatose young woman. So, instead the central themes turn out to be whether anybody is too far gone to save, while transferring the damsel-in-distress syndrome from Italy to the movie itself with its four women in jeopardy. And in fact, outside of one truly classic do-you-know-who-you-are-dealing-with moment, there is sadly no reason for Isabelle Huppert to be present here either.

Jacky L (it) wrote: 3 interwoven love stories set in taiwan. though flawed, it was also poignant, touching and funny. enjoyed the performance by the actress who played the present-day Lily with Alzheimer's. and thoroughly enjoyed watching the very charismatic Diego played by Chao Yi-Lan in the last segment. watch out, you gals! Chao Yi-Lan is one cute T.

SV G (br) wrote: A lot of fun to watch...and the knowledge that perhaps superheros aren't all cracked up to what their supposed to be. (at least not on Hollywood Boulevard).

Joe S (au) wrote: Salright, didn't tell us too much of anything.

Art V (au) wrote: Dull,pedestrian. Cannot fathom the favorable opinions.

Johnny L (gb) wrote: There's some crafty (intentional?) misdirection at the start, where you're kind of strung along with the stereotypical Asian upbringing, but then taken into another world. It gets unbelievable toward the end, but outside of this one criticism, I loved it.

Allen D (mx) wrote: this movie is pretty good~~~'(TM)

Juan S (es) wrote: Enserio es mala pero no paro de rer #StephenKing

Spencer D (ru) wrote: Very weird film. Plays like a cross between a 40's comedy and Out of the Past. Russell is great as the titular woman. Mitchum and Price play off each other wonderfully. Works as a film noir in places, but really is too strange to fit into any category. Well worth a watch though.

Bianca B (es) wrote: Humphrey Bogart is great!

Bradley H (it) wrote: Strong visual choices and storytelling highlight this film about the desire to ensure that justice is done even in the midst of war. A couple of the speeches by the protagonist come off as a bit heavy-handed (and perhaps over-sold by Michael J. Fox), but there is enough depth to overcome those moments.

Robert C (fr) wrote: Awesome, even though the plot is the same as Office Space.

Kevin L (es) wrote: The movie is carried by Bill Murray's charisma and practical effects. The other characters just exist to act as foils to Murray. Still enjoyable with some memorable lines and moments.

Samantha H (au) wrote: was surprised it didnt completely ruin the books... Interested to see if they make any more movies...

Dan S (br) wrote: A handsomely constructed, quietly devastating film concerning a couple trapped in a dull and ordinary 1950's life and desperate to find a way out of it, even if it means considering a dream-like scenario. Mendes really doesn't like life in suburbia, as, like he did in "American Beauty", he shows the disturbing, genuine thoughts of characters that, on the outside at least, have the ideal lifestyle. This film is excellently acted, Winslet is outstanding as always, DiCaprio turns in one of his best (if not his best) performances, and Michael Shannon steals the show as a mentally unstable man who is initially impressed at the couples' honesty, but eventually angry with what the couple decides. The negatives are some of the arguments between Winslet and DiCaprio make you wonder, "would even the angriest of people be saying the kind of things they're saying when they have kids around?!", and what happens with DiCaprio's character from a work standpoint is like the main plot out of Office Space, only Mendes takes this seriously.

Dawn V (au) wrote: Yeah. Not exactly intellectual stimulating but passed the time.