A 7-year-old leads the kids of a boarding school to a rebellion against the tyrannic and cruel teachers

A 7-year-old leads the kids of a boarding school to a rebellion against the tyrannic and cruel teachers . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dexter torrent reviews

Kim M (de) wrote: An excellent documentary! I have always been opposed to declawing cats, but feel even stronger in that stance after watching the information provided and the testimony by veterinarians in the documentary. If you have cats, plan on having cats, or just love animals, you should watch this movie.

Sam B (es) wrote: It sidesteps the far more interesting inner-depths of Allen's mind (and history), but as a look at his writing process and filmography, this documentary is fascinating, insightful, and satisfying.

Ben T (nl) wrote: my thoughts of the film. the plot suck imo. not that the story itself is bad, its just that i felt that the plot doesn't even involve the straw hats! first lets look at the final battle. do you remember any of them say anything about retrieving/preventing the dyna rocks from exploding? no! they didnt even bother saving the world, the only thing they cared about was the damn hat so i think even if you remove them from this movie, it would still end the same way. It was Kuzan that stopped the dyna rocks (by freezing) and the marines that killed Z.second is (again) the final battle itself. i was expecting a lot to happen here but wtf? a fist fight? are you fucking serious? that was lame! compared to the previous film, Strong World, of course the battle scenes were done better this time because of the 5 years gap of technology. if we can somehow remake the scenes from Strong World today then it would turn out a hundred times better than this! lastly, a lot of things made no sense to me specifically Ain's ability. if she can regress or make you younger then why the hell doesn't she use it on Z? how the hell did Nami, Robin, Brook and Chopper got back to normal? simply by making Ain faint? so lame! and why didnt she use it to melt the ice Kuzan made to trap Z? she used that ability a lot of times to melt the lava and try to hit Zoro, why not fucking melt the ice? i don't think the movie is all that bad. ITS ONE PIECE. no matter what kind of shit you throw, people will watch it. i just think that the film is overrated.P.S. (ending song)i have a feeling that most 80's-90's kid would relate to the ending song/s, the slideshow, and Z's flashback. just try not to fucking cry.when i first saw AVRIL LAVIGNE 'HOW YOU REMIND ME', 'BAD REPUTATION' at the credits i was like What the Flying Fuck, seriously?! i never thought it would go so well with the film's theme! note that i haven't heard neither songs beforei know this doesn't apply to everyone but damn that first song got me good. a few manly tears were shed before i realized how fucked up my life is right now and how it turned the exact opposite of what i wanted it to be a couple of years ago because of some fucked up events that happened to me, just like Z.

Anh H (us) wrote: I know it aims to be silly and fun, but it's just silly and bad.

Buddy A (nl) wrote: BOTTOM LINE: SyFy gives us another stupid ass movie that I will NOT waste time writing a long review on.

Samuel K (de) wrote: CULTISSIME. Le film le plus drole que j'ai jamais vu, des repliques cultes par centaines, une bombe. Encooooooooooooooooooore !!!

Dan O (ru) wrote: All of the stories are interesting, but what's the point?

Matt T (es) wrote: Can't believe this movie didn't get more cred. People beefed all over this movie and it was brilliant!

Ryan C (it) wrote: Often times life is either fated to happen in such a way other times we can just blame our own free will for leading us astray. This poem provides a story of what happens when both of those views on life collide we can create a challange for ourselves and we don't know what to do next.

james k (ru) wrote: i will try and find this one

Timm S (ag) wrote: How Do A Father & His Daughter Be The Sole Individuals These Dinosaurs Single Out To Chase?? Across A City Of 10+ Million Ppl?? The Low-Budget Only Further Highlights This As A Try-Hard Travesty Story..Quite Lame.

Ane B (ca) wrote: What Dreams May Come is a visually gorgeous tear-jerker with a bit of wonky writting and a decent performance from the leads. Definitely worth a watch ... with tissues.