Dhadkan is about Anjali (Shilpa Shetty) who is a girl that hails from an extremely rich and influential family. Her father Mr. Chauhan (Kiran Kumar) is a renowned businessman and has many dreams for his daughter. But Anjali is in love with Dev (Sunil Shetty) who is very poor & often cannot even afford to clothe himself properly. Dev also loves Anjali, wants to marry her so has to meet her father.

Wealthy Anjali falls in love with poor Dev, both want to get married, but Anjali's family objects and instead get her married to equally wealthy Ram, who lives with his uncaring step-mother... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael F (au) wrote: Some of it is funny, most of it's humour isnt. Its funny to see Martin Sheen in this. Not one of the best comic book adaptations, but it definitely beats the actor who played Clown, John Leguizamo's other film, the horrible Super Mario Bros adaptation.

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Jerrod K (it) wrote: Surprisingly good, but sad

Taylor B (ag) wrote: As a theologian, I had some issues with it. Aside from those, it was a very sweet film, and an impressive debut, both for Pete Jones, and for Project Greenlight.

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Richard D (es) wrote: I don't think this is exactly a bad film, but it's a bad sequel to "The French Connection" in the sense that it misses what is so appealing about the first film. Hackman is back as "Popeye" Doyle, and he travels to Marseilles in pursuit of Charnier (Fernando Rey, the only other actor returning from the first film). So, setting aside for a minute that this is not completely sensible as a premise (the film claims Doyle is the only person who would recognize Charnier ... a man who was under intensive surveillance by dozens of cops in the first film), it ends up losing most of the best elements of the first film. It's great to see Hackman back as this character, but he needs Roy Scheider, or someone damn close to him to balance the character dynamics. Yes, Bernard Fresson is sort of a partner in this film, but not for most of the film. That raises the other point. What's most enthralling about "The French Connection" is that it's a magnificent police procedural. It's not just the characters that matter, it's what they are doing. Hackman does fuck all for over half of this film. I admit that this film has an amazing climax, and the last few minutes are almost worth watching the whole film for ... but it's difficult to recommend a 2 hour film based on the last 10 minutes. Scheider got the better deal ... "The Seven-Ups" is the real sequel to "The French Connection".

James H (gb) wrote: The filmmakers apparently thought it would be a Bulldog Drummond story into a James Bond wannabe movie. The cast is bland, the story rather preposterous but it is a good looking movie, professionally made with good cinematography and costumes.

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