Dhanyee Meye

Dhanyee Meye

The pride and honour of two clubs are at stake on a coveted shield final. As the characters associated with them search for glory with football, what ensues can only be described as a laugh riot.

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ms m (gb) wrote: i like this movie very much

Blake D (kr) wrote: Extremely cliche and stupid

Zac O (kr) wrote: I dont want to see this shit!!!!

Jayden B (it) wrote: Three and a half stars.

Eric R (it) wrote: A really great little film about a cop whom while investigating a homicide, comes to a crossroads in his life. This film is half police procedural, half self discovery film with some great dialouge; which is to be expected. William H. Macy is fucking awesome in every scene he is in, and Joe Mantegna gives a great subtle performance. Its just a facinating film that never gives you to little or too much, as you follow it wondering how its going to end. This is actually one of Mamet's best.

Tanveer A (de) wrote: Loved it as a teenager.... Not so much now. Poor acting, poor plot, no imagination whatsoever. Gets 2.5 stars only for leelee Sobieski..

Suette D (ru) wrote: The classic gender bending 80's movie

Martin T (ag) wrote: Oh, it's another one of these. An early 70's American, vaguely wistful character study about lovable losers drifting through life. Like other movies of its ilk, it tries to pass off character flaws as depth, and wears its no-frills approach to filmmaking on its sleeve as a badge of honor. I can watch this stuff and be reasonably engaged, but it just doesn't inspire me that much. Decent-to-good performances by Bridges and Keach... more noteworthy are the characters on the periphery: Ruben, Earl, the mysterious boxing rival Lucero (in one of the film's more intriguing moments, Huston lets us watch him leave the arena, and we wish we could follow HIS story for a while), the fellow day workers. These guys add quite a bit of spice. On the other hand, you've got Oma, a particularly awful performance by Susan Tyrrell, whose grating hamminess somehow bagged her an Oscar nom. I was pretty ho-hum about the whole experience until the last half hour or so, when something resembling a point of view seemed to surface, culminating in a fine, thoughtful ending. It went a long way towards redeeming the film, which I was otherwise mostly indifferent about.

Ray d (kr) wrote: Yorgos Lanthimos rec

Francisco G (ca) wrote: It's a classic for a reason.

John W (ru) wrote: When it came to playing tough,take-charge women and independent working girls, Barbara Stanwyck was the pro. If anything distinguished her work from other actresses in the Pre-Code period, it was her gravitation to roles which were the complete antithesis of what passed for socially accepted female characters on the screen. Indeed, her performance in "Baby Face" as a carnal and supremely calculating seductress was strong enough to hasten the implementation of the dreaded production code. "Baby Face" remains one of Stanwyck's most potent performances and a final hurrah in Pre-Code cinema.

Sgt C (de) wrote: (31%)A hugely by the numbers action thriller that I can only imagine the sheer number of people who walked out of a cinema after the final scene (or more likely after the first twenty or so minutes) and never giving it a so much as a seconds worth of thought ever again. Big name star (in America at least) Tyler Perry is decent here as he's clearly trying his best with the lame material he has been given, while bad guy Matthew Fox is much better that the one-note character he's been lumbered with. The biggest problem by a mile though is the fact that this isn't interesting enough to make it as a proper thriller, while the action is on the whole is too badly shot utilising the annoying shaky-cam technique to full fullest which just ruins all possible enjoyment. This isn't a terrible watch, but there's so little reason to actually do so.

Samuel F (us) wrote: Underrated, to a degree. Though it slips in the third act, "Dick and Jane" provides enough antics and laughs from Carrey and Leoni to be worthwhile. If you don't find the look into the pre-Great Recession economy good enough, you'll like Leoni and Carrey on their little crime spree. Not the worst way to spend ninety minutes.

Ash S (us) wrote: Thought this was pretty great. I hope there is a sequel. What's with the Indian music at there beginning and end...just weird!?

Adrian H (ca) wrote: The worst animated film of the year, I am true fan of the series and this movie takes me a great disappointment. They did not give much importance to the plot, is very simple from the beginning to the end.Story: 6Character Design: 6New characters: 5Improving the original story: 4Start and finish: 3Final Rating: 4.8Typical Disney animated film type only the public love child. The Hasbro Studios have disappointed me.

P P (fr) wrote: One of the many smart, daring American movies of the 1970s. Reminds me that Sally Field wasn't irritating at one time (i.e. pre Forrest Gump). She even has a girl next door sexiness. An important movie about labour unions and why they came to exist. Worth viewing. Before Star Wars infantalized American Cinema there were smart thought provoking movies like Norma Rae.