Sameer Arya, Martand Damdere, Pankaj Tiwari, and Gautam Sesodia are friends who live in a small town in India. Broke, accident-prone, and unable to pay rent to their landlady, they are basically slackers with Sameer and Gautam having no family, while Pankaj has been kicked out by his brother-in-law, and Martand has illicitly borrowed money from his maternal uncle, is unable to re-pay it and hence rendered homeless. The four find out that they can better their lifestyle by obtaining a bank loan - albeit in vain as they are unable to secure one. Then they decide to woo a rich girl, let one of them marry her, and live their life in comfort...

Sameer Arya, Martand Damdere, Pankaj Tiwari, and Gautam Sesodia are friends who live in a small town in India. Broke, accident-prone, and unable to pay rent to their landlady, they are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joey F (au) wrote: One of Wes Anderson's best. Amazing characters, wonderful story, and stunning cinematography. Watch it. You're in for a treat.

Fernando Jos G (mx) wrote: Ewan y Emily son encantadores y romnticos, de eso no hay duda. La historia es funcional aunque en ocasiones es tediosa seguirla. Su premisa es curiosa y poco comn lo que la hace interesante y digna de ver.

Carl M (fr) wrote: DECADENT EVIL opens with a lengthy recap of the events that occurred in VAMPIRE JOURNALS before shifting gears entirely, taking us from the Gothic backdrop of Eastern Europe into the sleazy strip clubs of modern Los Angeles. Here, we find that the evil vampire Morella has started a coven of her own using the club as a cover. As she nears her 10,000th victim, Morella grows closer to becoming the invincible Queen of the Vampires! DECADENT EVIL is a far cry from the glory days of the SUBSPECIES series, as Ted Nicolaou's moody sense of style and atmosphere are both sorely missed in light of Charles Band's drier approach to the material. The majority of the characters are blatantly overacted, and there is no sensuality behind any of the gratuitous nudity, making it impossible to pass this off even in the softcore horror genre. Only Phil Fondacaro gets by with a decent performance as he takes on the role of Ivan the Vampire Hunter. Overall, a trite and cliche vampire picture in the same vein as BORDELLO OF BLOOD, minus the fun. -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Ingela A (es) wrote: Small but recommendable film about a young girl, growing up in an unstable environment with a lack of people who care for her and various people abusing her. Agnes Bruckner gives an excellent performance as Meg. The story isn't something refreshing and new, but it doesn't disturbs me. The subject is handled very well and the co-actors are good as well. Excellent directing debut by Karen Moncrieff. She managed to make it a remarkable debut. "Blue Car" is an enjoyable film who's certainly worth watching.

DC F (mx) wrote: Not a well planned movie and has a somewhat confusing ending, but worth seeing for all the violence!

Christopher S (ca) wrote: One of the strangest films I have seen based on Nazis. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is one of the greatest novelists in American literature history and his story really comes alive in Keith Gordon's adaptation. Wonderful work by Nick Nolte and Sheryl Lee. A very good film.

Owen D (ru) wrote: 2 stars just for Baby Oopsie Daisy, other then that it was boring.

Eddie G (ag) wrote: I Love all 12 of the Andy Sidaris BBB Movies. If you like B~Movies then you should see them all.

Anne F (nl) wrote: In the blue ridge mountains of Virginia, on the trail of the lonesome pine....Laurel and Hardy have to give the deeds to a gold mine to a young girl, but they get it wrong. Lovely slapstick humour, and lots of music.

Gary B (gb) wrote: Hell of a lot of fun in a 60s madcap style ala A Shot in the Dark or Casino Royale, but transported to modern times, though Charlie Mortdecai seems blissfully unaware what era he's living in. Some laugh out loud moments, and it added "open your balls" to my vocabulary.

Kelly J (jp) wrote: I found the movie a bit too predictable.

Simon D (ca) wrote: A very typical US indie film about 3 outcast kids. This does have some funny moments but it's pretty forgettable. This genre really needs a kick up the backside, or it can disappear for all I care.