Dhoom Dadakka

Dhoom Dadakka

At a Bangkok 'Asian Bhai Meet' the Godfather meets with several gangsters, reviews the reduction in revenue, and decides to induct fresh blood. While Fursat Lala decides to hand-over this task to his son, Zac; Mungi Lal, a bachelor, has no heir, save for an long-estranged maternal nephew, Kamal, and is asked to find him and include him in this gang within 30 days. Mungi and his associate, Jignesh, head out to Mumbai in an effort to locate his estranged sister, Angoori, and her son - in vain - as there is no trace of the duo. He recruits the services of Private Detective Johnny English and instructs him to locate Kamal. Johnny does locate him and takes him to meet with Mungi - a move that will result in nothing but hilarious chaos when Mungi tells him that he has already located Kamal. Things get even more confusing after a woman shows up - also claiming to be Kamal!!

A gangster is asked to come up with a heir within 30 days. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mj F (ca) wrote: Annoying main character. Very well-acted by everybody. Cool ending.

Amirah B (ru) wrote: Hmmm morality well shown bt movie not well done... Could have been better...

The D (kr) wrote: (6/10) Jumping the Broom is a better than expected ensemble comedy about family rivalries, tradition and marriage. The thing that elevates this above most ensemble comedies is the cast; it looks like they're having fun and they're full of charisma. The weakest thing about the movie is easily the story. The story is so cliche'd and predictable that it almost flounders the entire movie. I don't remember that much about the movie (it's been 2 years) but I do remember liking it a lot more than I like most ensemble comedies (I HATE ensemble comedies for the most part). This movie is also nowhere near as painful to watch as any of Tyler Perry's movies. The big reason why I hate ensemble comedies is that they never seem to get the right mix of drama and comedy. Jumping the Broom seems to mix these elements better than most even though it's still not perfect. This movie actually had a lot more drama than I was expecting, which is certainly not a bad thing. Overall, I recommend Jumping the Broom to any fan of this genre because they will probably love it. The film is filled with fine performances, enjoyable characters and a solid mix of drama and comedy (even though the comedy isn't that funny). If you can look past the story that we've seen a billion times before, you can probably enjoy this movie.

Nia E (kr) wrote: Giant lizards posing as dinosaurs, cannibalistic natives and treacherous Spaniards? And Claude Raines?! Fun afternoon viewing!

Pedro C (fr) wrote: Pelicula de vampiros con bastante de humor negro, y muy bajo presupuesto. Se deja ver, es entretenida x momentos, aunque demasiado cargada en determinados momentos la pelicula se vuelve despareja. Destaca la actuacion especial de NICHOLAS BRENDON (QUE GORDO QUE ESTAS), y de una jovencita muy bonita mezcla de Avrile Lavige y Buffy en sus aos de secundaria.

Dusk S (fr) wrote: Shitty movie in the corner pocket.

angelique h (ca) wrote: love this movie love tisha

Ben S (gb) wrote: Before going on to shape the landscape of cinema with sophomore feature The Matrix (1999), the Wachowski brothers, Andy and Larry (now Lana), served up this impressive subversive noir debut - an ultra stylish affair that plays out like a classic 50's thriller, but with a fun tweak in genders.Corky (Gina Gershon) is a hardened female ex-con with a pout, tattoos and a wry smile that immediately piques the interest of the glamorous Betty Boop-looking Violet (Jennifer Tilly). While Corky is working in an adjacent apartment, the film takes on an early erotic thriller/soft porn vibe as Violet gets her round to help with the plumbing - cue close-ups of hands engaged in manual labour and flexing biceps. The two women fall into bed and into an illicit affair that sees them hatch a plan to rip off $2 million from Violet's mobster husband Caesar (Joe Pantoliano) - but, as the opening flash-forward of Corky gagged and bound on the apartment floor tells us, not everything goes to plan.As the name suggests Bound is a tight, claustrophobic experience that is predominantly set inside the corridors and bedrooms of the apartment block. While this restraint is probably more on account of the budget, it keeps the narrative sharply focused and forces the climax into the film's woozy, intense highlight. Largely owed to a glorious script of pithy exchanges, callbacks and clichs all of its parts click seamlessly into place as the Wachowskis are able to find a thriller of violence and invention at the first time of asking.Aside from the two strong - if stagey - lead performances, it arguably offers Pantoliano the best film role of his career. An actor who is many people's favourite screen villain as Ralph Cifaretto in The Sopranos, Bound gives him the opportunity to demolish every scene he's in with vitriol and weasly squirming. Playing a key role in the pulse-racing denouement it's the two women who take the headlines, but playing against the hateful Caesar is what gives their journey the required bite.Stripped of much colour, nearly everything is reduced to a palette of black, white and grey - aside from the ubiquitous woman in red and other flashes of red and green that sporadically lift the frame. To compensate for the minimal use of location and colour the Wachowskis turn to cinematographer Bill Pope to spark the picture to life with a catalogue of inventive angles, camera moves and transitions. The frame is treated with such playfulness and refinement that Bound is able to assume the demeanour of a higher budget affair. Extreme shadows are cast and husky dialogue is spoken, and it is able simultaneously to pay homage to the tone of a pulpy noir, yet retain its own fresh identity. Even now, 18 years later, it still has a daring edge to it and only the suits and haircuts have aged poorly.If you look hard enough, there's some neat foreshadowing of the brothers' future exploits (bullet time, colour palette, wallpaper) but Bound is a rollicking little debut that deserves attention in its own right. We don't get many films from them, but as last year's Cloud Atlas showed they are nothing if not wildly adventurous and unafraid of playing with genre conformity. Here's where it all began.

Shannon G (nl) wrote: Eric Stoltz is extra yummy in this quirky relationship film.

Anthony C (jp) wrote: this looks really cool

Natalie A (kr) wrote: Oh the Navy gets the gravy but the Army gets the beans!

Marcus W (ca) wrote: Like getting punched in the face - in a good way.

Logan M (br) wrote: Darkly funny, and quite moving.