Dhoondte Reh Jaoge

Dhoondte Reh Jaoge

Anand Pawar (Kunal Khemu) and Raj Chopra (Paresh Rawal) are perhaps the two most extreme individuals that have walked the city of Mumbai. While Anand is an idealist chartered accountant, Raj is an idle film producer.

A failed film producer and an unemployed Chartered Accountant decide to make a 'sure flop' movie . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ron H (ag) wrote: This movie is certainly a guilty pleasure. The plot is serviceable, though poorly developed, and the writing is inconsistent, but the characters are interesting. Gabriel Byrne as "Balls of Brass" Ben London just kills me. The duo of Mickey Holliday (Jeff Goldblum) and Jules Flamingo (Gregory Hines) had a good chemistry, short though their on screen time was. A stellar cast, but so big that no writer could serve them all well and thus ended up truly serving none of them. But despite it all, I like it.

Michael J (mx) wrote: This documentary is fascinating - I didn't know about Troll 2 before watching this on Netflix, and it's amazing to see the underground fandom for the movie, and the confusion with which the actors who were in the movie (and the director who made it) approach the whole situation. I think the documentary could have been a bit shorter - it started to lose me about fifteen or so minutes from the end. Maybe that's because at that point you begin to see a little bit of what appears to be the actual craziness of one of the former actors, and you begin to wonder whether director Claudio Fragasso is actually a bit angry at all of these people labeling what he clearly still considers a masterpiece a "bad movie". Regardless, this is an interesting look at the kind of ravenous fandom that a cult phenomenon can generate.

Tim W (mx) wrote: Hard to get, but seemingly intelligent and darkly funny but also a bit nihilistic and misanthropic. Why do things happen? Or do they happen for a reason? Makes fun of the empty "help" and "advice" religious leaders offer. I didn't really understand this movie, and it was kind of depressing.

PHILIP C (de) wrote: actually you got too think about it it more a survial movie in great big cave filling with water plus they are trying find way out of that cave . You got two pro climbers. The leader of the expedition told the other people what to do but they don't do what he says they do the opposite

Trisha R (it) wrote: Elijah Woods just earned himself a new fan! ...As for the movie? Meh.

Adam O (au) wrote: Mr. Magoo is not funny. It's poor slap stick with a shoddy script and characters that aren't even attpetive to be made intresting. Once in a while there is an okay stunt or scene, but when you put a painfully upnoxious cartoon sound effect over it, it looses all comedic value. And at the very end of the film where there is a disclaimer that "the film was never intended to insult people with poor eye sight", how is anyone with bad sight able to know that when the message is written in poor lettering. I wish i was visually impared so i wouldn't have to watch this movie again

Ginger G (kr) wrote: A must see movie for all foodies!

Armin S (jp) wrote: Still hilarious and socially relevant - 32 years later. Gotta see this one fo sho mofos! =]

Walter C (ru) wrote: Three martial arts experts carry out executions for their bosses. One of those painfully awful movies that you can't believe got made. You would think that martial arts experts would actually fight or something. Not in this movie. In this movie they use rocket launchers to kill people.This one isn't even so bad that it's good.