Dhruva Tare

Dhruva Tare


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  • Release:1985
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Dhruva Tare torrent reviews

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Joel H (ag) wrote: Macgruber isn't funny. It's just not humorous at all. I think the filmmakers got comedy confused with vulgarity. Shock humor is a lazy style of comedy in the first place, and it's even less effective when it's constantly thrown at you. The SNL skit this movie is based on wasn't that good in the first place, but this movie is even worse. I wish I wouldn't have wasted my time on it.

Mike S (es) wrote: A nearly note-perfect character study about a middle-aged, alcoholic country singer (Jeff Bridges) trying to eke out a living playing his old hits in small-town bowling alleys and bars. He meets a nice woman; he fights with his manager about the gigs and about being the opening act for a rising star singer who used to be a member of his band, when he had a band. Those are essentially the only plot points -- the story is simple and straightforward. The real appeal in this film is Bridges's performance. He totally inhabits this character. He's a decent guy with some serious talent and some serious flaws. We see him recognize a good thing in the woman he meets, but he isn't ready yet to straighten up. He's neither hero nor villain; he's just struggling, like all of us.

Mike P (mx) wrote: kind of fun but kind of stupid, whatever your in the mood for

Thomas H (ca) wrote: Really boring and kinda stupid. Not scary at all but it's a pretty good thriller. The only action-like part is the end.

Kim M (it) wrote: This is my new "guilty pleasure" movie....so many funny lines from Martin Short in this teen flick! It would probably rate well with those who enjoyed "10 Things I Hate About You".

William S (us) wrote: Of Ed Woods films, this is my least favourite, because while his others were enjoyably bad, this is quite hard to sit through. Far more worthy of the title "worst film ever made" than his other effort, Plan 9.

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