Dhund is the story of a young woman Rani Ranjit Singh (Zeenat Aman), whose invalid husband Thakur Ranjit Singh (Danny Denzongpa) is murdered. The finger of suspicion points at the young widow and her lover Suresh Saxena (Sanjay Khan), but the killer is someone else.

A traveler decides to assist a woman involved in a murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dhund torrent reviews

Danifesto G (jp) wrote: Saw this doc a year ago and it still haunts me! These kids were so captivating!

Antal v (nl) wrote: Brilliant, adoring movie.

Luke B (jp) wrote: Cartoon swear...make me laugh... Never heard of the TV show which could have warned me away from this immature unfunny crap. It's just a bunch of episodes stuck together. Each one less funny than the last. Plenty of repetitive jokes, we get it, the Robots gay. The parodies are shit and jokes have been done before. It's literally written by 10 year olds...probably. Animation is shoddy and the voice cast are shit. I hate it. Painful, poor and predictable.

Brandon K (de) wrote: I can't recall a single thing that happened in it. Not good.

Thom H M (fr) wrote: Very good movie. I finally saw it today, looking for a free movie to watch On Demand. Better than CAPOTE. It delved into more of the characters than CAPOTE did. Very poignant - looking at the humanity behind cold-blooded killers - and the writer of the book about them that gets to know them.

Martijn W (us) wrote: With this movie Ozon once again shows how brilliant he is. I could completely relate to the main character Romain. Especially the ending is mindblowingly beautiful.

Kyle S (ag) wrote: A childhood classic!

Michael S (br) wrote: An almost laugh-free rain wreck. Bury it! Bury it with a shovel, and then bury the shovel.

Cleo S (ru) wrote: I just love watching volatile people all put together and seeing the reactions that come out of it- Ive worked in Psych units- there is some truth in this one and good humour as well - oh and David Wehnam being a sociopath!

Jennifer B (gb) wrote: Oscar win best supporting actress Maggie Smith

John W (us) wrote: Johnny Mnemonic isn't a great movie, but it is a great story. That is the crux of William Gibson's novels in general, they are fantastic sci-fi, but so much of what happens is internal (to the characters, the 'Net environment, etc) that it is extremely tough to translate to the screen. That more than anything else is where the film fails. Nonetheless for fans of Gibson and/or 90's futurism via special effects, it's still a fun watch.