A depressed former champion awakes. He´s tired, a bit out of shape, and his conscience is drilling him. His career as a boxer ended abruptly when he killed his rival with one single punch. That´s why Marcos Wainsberg, the Inca of the Sinai, wants to quit fighting. But today is not the day to be thinking about that. Today his ex girlfriend will come, in peace. Today is a good day. But the doorbell rings and the person at the other side is his cousin, Huguito, the black sheep of the family. And Huguito always brings trouble. Family-sized trouble, of course. Today can be one of those days when everything changes. The only thing that is left to know is whether it will be for good or not… Diablo is an atypical film, to say the least. Regurgitated from the very insides of genre cinema, its furious and corrosive progression leaves you breathless, but also provokes a remarkable morbid pleasure with its accumulation of scenes featuring violence, black humor, and a pure, hardcore swagger.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Diablo 2011 full movies, Diablo torrents movie

A depressed former champion awakes. He's tired, a bit out of shape, and his conscience is draining him. His career in the ring ended abruptly when he killed his rival with a single ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Diablo torrent reviews

Ian M (fr) wrote: I may have to become a Brony! This was pretty heart-warming to be honest. Nobody comes off as creepy. My Brony name is "Rainbow RollintheHay"! Love John De Lancie playing a version of Q as Discord. Just a really interesting viewing...

Garrett R (ru) wrote: Preeetty funny!! Brings me back to watching all those stick death fights on stickpage online at school with friends. Fun storyline, good animation and enjoyable movie with great surprises and jokes.

Kevin L (mx) wrote: A heart wrenching Dickensian story of a poor farmer and his family trying to make an honest living in a dark and corrupt Manila. Wonderful cinematography as Ellis successfully portrays the immense labyrinth that is Manila. Wonderful lead performances and a denouement that packs a punch.

Ellie L (ag) wrote: confusing at first. not your typical straightforward film but as it progressed so did the story and things started to fall into place. watching the struggle and love was quite intense and well put together. loved the aftermath of the accident as they are bringing him in. in the mist of the everything it's nice to have a bit of comedy to lighten up the heaviness throughout the film.

Vicky W (ru) wrote: really funny, i enjoyed it!

Michelle S (fr) wrote: Loved this movie. Jason Patric and Samantha Morton are very real characters having a modern urban romance past their prime.

Scarlett C (ag) wrote: Love this film it would annoy me though if i had my brand new car nicked then not be able to get to the Olympics on time.

Nathan H (ag) wrote: Average at best. It's starts out strong, but it's one joke wears thin, and it doesn't recover until the latter third when a few more "Senfieldian" situations are effectively played for laughs.

Jeremy S (ca) wrote: A Noir film which was trying to be LA confiditional and it doesn't live up to the premise

John A (nl) wrote: Probably Chaplin's most courageous film, he attempts to carve out a place for humanism in a world that he believes has given itself over to war and death-dealing. He does it through the blackest comedy of his career. While Chaplin beautifully renders numerous lengthy shots, witty dialogue, and the occasional use of physical comedy, that he does all this while also keeping his murderous protagonist likable is quite the achievement.

Alex F (au) wrote: Remake lejos de estar a la altura del original de Brian de Palma, con problemas de tono (Mean Girls versin gore), aunque medianamente pasable gracias a las buenas actuaciones de Julianne Moore y Chloe Grace Moretz.

Christian B (ca) wrote: I've watched both Fight Club and Green Street Hooligans, they are both very different plots. That being said, Green Street Hooligans is NOT a Fight Club knock-off.

Don S (it) wrote: While based on as true story, the whole concept is bizarre and difficult to swallow. A handful of old arts-types are set on the loose in Europe to save the great masterpieces during WWII. To make matters even more unbelievable, the only two to run into much trouble are the Brit and the Franc. Rigid performances and card-stock characters make it hard for you to care. Eh.

Joe W (gb) wrote: I've seen all or almost all the DC animated features and i gotta say i really disliked this one.Maybe im biased because i think the bat family is one of the dumbest DC ideas but even putting that aside the animation in this was just felt sub par. On top of that most of the character designs for the villains were just plain awful.I also found the story and action to be sub par as well. Definitely in the bottom half of the DC animated features for me.

Eliana N (it) wrote: Brittany y Dakota, genia!!!