Dial 1119

Dial 1119

A killer holds the customers at a bar hostage.

A former mental patient murders a bus driver, then takes refuge in a bar, where he holds the patrons hostage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saahil H (ca) wrote: This one is not great as his(Chetan Bhagat) other writings....Alia was tolerable though

JJ L (au) wrote: i actually enjoyed this film. centered in a hippie utopia that's not exactly the way of life for the kids growing up in it, lotsa drugs and sex.....but yet this still resembles a white suburban melodrama. tries a little too hard at times but still worth a watch.

Gerard M (it) wrote: Humane, complex filmmaking by the Midlands maestro Shane Meadows.

Megs K (es) wrote: this movie is pretty clich, but it's sweet and fun!!!

Giorgio A (ag) wrote: here tornatore seems like david lynch a must see! music by morricone!!!!

Alexander Z (us) wrote: 1941 is a lot funnier than it's given credit for. Unfortunately, it suffers from the classic problem of becoming far too bloated to justify its running length. The setups are all great, full of classic wry and slapstick humor, but once Spielberg actually tries to advance the plot, the jokes melt away in favor of extended scenes where not much besides zany action happens. Shaving off 30 minutes would have probably made this a much better received film.On a side note, the special effects are quite impressive for the time.

Johnathon W (es) wrote: Fun action film that shines mainly for it's cast & sharp writing. The actors all have fun in their roles, with Willis giving another solid action performance while Helen Mirren has a ball as a stone-cold British assassin. The scene stealer, though, is John Malkovich as their eccentric compatriot, who whether clutching a stuffed pig or craving pancakes, brings a smile with every moment. Behind the camera, director Robert Schwentke keeps the action running smoothly and writers Erich Hoeber's & Jon Hoeber's screenplay, while very distance from the original comic, delivers lots of fun moments & witty dialogue (the fact these killers are actually better with age is nicely referenced). Overall, a fun, dumb action film well worth viewing.

Christopher E (jp) wrote: A triumph of the genre.