Dian zhi gong fu gan chian chan

Dian zhi gong fu gan chian chan

A young man poses as "the Whip King" and collects the reward for a bandit he has seen killed by a famous bounty hunter. He must now learn Kung Fu if he is to live up to this new persona and conquer the enemies he has inherited.

Mostly a Kung-fu showcase; a loose script describes Jackie Chan's character learning Kung-fu from a beggar-master and his pupil while guarding a caravan from bandits. Chan's early comedic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth M (ru) wrote: my sister saw it she says its really cool i think barbie is awesome somtimes my friends says am too old for barbie but i love barbie though soo i am very interested to see this movie!!!!!!!!!!

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's should've been better than this

Jeane H (de) wrote: I found it funny and endearing

Thomas E (au) wrote: Really bad acting, but creepy and entertaining.

Robert I (au) wrote: I've had the poster for this movie for years. Because of that, I thought this would be some dumb but fun kids film. NOPE! This is a character study of a 14 year old girl who apotheosizes secrets in order to suppress the ones she carries. There's no laughs to be found here. This is no dramedy, this is a flat out drama. For some, that twist might be a good thing. Not here. I was bored out of my mind for the majority of it. Angst... melodrama... I don't much care about those.So the cast... That "Sky High" kid was in this. Evan Rachel Wood is not yet a woman and looks quite weird in this given how used to Chiseled ERW I am. They were alright. Wood I guess was good, but given the source material, I can't give her credit b/c how apathetic I was to her.

Anthony A (es) wrote: Very solid directorial debut from Soderbergh.

Mark K (de) wrote: Good action a quite a lot of humor. Plot gets a bit murky sometimes, but never so much it is really bothering.

Leslie D (kr) wrote: Fun Action/Slasher hybrid. The killer was obviously inspired by Michael Myers. This is also the only movie I know of where Chuck Norris actually runs away from a bad guy.

Louis K (us) wrote: Incredibly bad film with effects pulled from a failing makeup students trash can. A fake jump scare every 5 minutes and an embarrassment for fans of the Krampus legend. William Shatner improvises most of his dialogue. This only works if he is REALLY angry. He must have owed someone a favor by appearing in this or had a relative held hostage. Wow this movie made me mad.

Russell G (ag) wrote: One word describes this super-comedy, loaded. There are so many television, movie, comedy, and various other celebrities packed into one movie, maybe even too many. The movie starts with a dying man divulging the location of his valuable treasure with an obscure reference under the big W. Soon a slew of colorful characters embark upon a chaotic mad dash to find it first. It is a brilliant concept that works very well to incorporate numerous stars in one storyline and still make sense. It moves fast and is always changing, which is important for a long movie like this. At three hours and twelve minutes, it is an atypical epic comedy movie. That lengthy run time works against it though. Too much of a good thing is always a bad thing. It does go on a too long and there are too many cameos. None of these comedy masters has the time or space to rev into high gear. For those alive during the 60s, the novelty of countless familiar faces makes it enjoyable on its own, but audiences today most likely will not understand who the stars are or get the pop-culture references from the time. It is funny overall but it is oversaturated.