Diary of a Madman

Diary of a Madman

Simon Cordier, a French magistrate and amateur sculptor comes into contact with a malevolent entity. The invisible - yet corporeal - being, called a "horla" is capable of limited psychokinesis and complete mind control.

Simon Cordier is a well-respected magistrate who visits a condemned prisoner, Louis Girot, just before the man's execution. Girot again pleads his innocence insisting that he has been taken... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Akshay M (ca) wrote: The most depressing and emotional movie I've ever seen. I'm Heartbroken, Stunned and shocked after watching this movie. Truly unforgettable performance by Andrew garfield.

Robert H (mx) wrote: Ouch. This film is bad. I was hoping for much more. Paul Giamatti is the only reason I gave this one star.

Pan C (gb) wrote: Another very much amusing picture from Raw Feed. The first half of the movie is basically just a good version of the mad man that kidnaps a girl and time slowly running out, but about halfway all of it gets out of hand just a little extra. The ending might not be very strong, but the rest of the movie is honestly one of the better variations of this setup I've seen.

Robert R (es) wrote: "Sunshine Cleaning's" shoe-string budget and minimalist style might hamper some of its intensity, but this modest effort from Christine Jeffs ultimately pleases the audience with organic emotion and a quirky sense of jocularity.

phen (jp) wrote: oh my!!dis movie is great! i ? it! haha..it reflects my bff & i..haha.. :)

Patrick M (ru) wrote: Bionicle 2 has to be handled as *not* a sequel, and the fact that it is established as one is a little annoying, as it is essentially a prequel. Nonetheless, Bionicle 2 improves on several major issues the first film had - including but not limited to bad animation, bad acting, sometimes simply bad writing and bad overall direction. Bionicle 2 takes a far more mellow, serious, mature feel to it, almost making me forget at times that it is in fact targeted towards a younger audience. Out of the three it is definitely the best.

Ben R (gb) wrote: Wtf did I just watch? I usually like messed up movies and enjoyed Todd Solondz's other works such as Happiness and Welcome to the Dollhouse but this pile of shit didn't make any sense whatsoever. Seriously whats up with 8 different actresses playing one girl in one movie? Why did we this movie need any of that?

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Another under par Stallone action flick, It's not a terrible film it's just the plot gets abit too confusing and the action is far few between, Stallone plays his normal tough guy role, Banderas plays a good villian but it's a film that's nothing new or memorable.

Salim I (de) wrote: a forgotten childhood favorite

Abhiram P (de) wrote: A different face of Fellini creations. sharp comment on the male perspective on women and pleasure. But in the end when the director concludes the entire sequences as a mad dream,a bit of dissappoinment. An eventfull journey of a man through a city of only women.

Graham C (br) wrote: This is my favourite out of all the dirty harry films. Even though the first is the best but when I seen this sequel I absolutely enjoyed the thrill of Harry facing vigilante cops taken the law into their own hands. Action packed story twisting entertainment. ..."A guy has got to know his limitations"

Jacob E (kr) wrote: Feels very much like the Cagney films of the early 30's.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Claudette Colbert is as cute as can be, but I don't think she showed she had much chemistry with Henry Fonda outside of one scene on their farm. The war scenes are pretty great, as well as the chase scene, but this time period just doesn't excite me in the same way the old west does.

Michael M (mx) wrote: This movies greatest strength is its original idea and the unique charms of Billy Bob Thornton. Thornton plays a wretch of a man in this movie, but still manages to be someone we kind of like and are kind of rooting for. Maybe he represents to communal Christmas id, the guy who says the s****y things of the season all of us are thinking but would never say, I don't know. Whatever it is, it works. I really don't think this movie would work with anyone else in the lead role. I also liked his chemistry with the kid in this movie. It's a bizarre and often hostile relationship, but it works. The movie isn't a laugh riot, hell it's really not that consistently funny even, but it does have an odd charm to it. Not a great movie, but strangely a very likable movie.

Andrea H (ru) wrote: Horrible, horrible movie. Makes me want to become a vegetarian and join PETA all at the same time. Very sad plot. The backgrounds like the sunsets on Skull Island look very fake and manipulated. Would not want to watch this movie again, ever. Now donating to the World Wildlife Federation.

August C (it) wrote: Trumbo 4 Out of 5 StarsIn the late nineteen forties McCarthyism spread across the US, scores of people were blacklisted from working under the assumption of belief in communism. Dalton Trumbo one of Hollywood(TM)s top paid writers came under such scrutiny for his political views and even went to jail for it. Cranston as Trumbo really knocks it out of the park with an incredibly strong performance along with other highlights from David Elliot as John Wayne and Dean O(TM)Gorman as a young Kirk Douglas. Helen Mirren serves her purpose as the antagonistic gossip columnist Hedda Hopper and Diane Lane is also as solid as Trumbo's supportive wife. The whole film feels like a bitter sweet love note to Hollywood of yesteryear, which is intriguing because its certainly one of the most shameful moments in Hollywood history but its also a time of perseverance and the prevalence of free thought. Eventually Trumbo ends up jailed for a year and then after becomed blacklisted and unable to write for the scree. He devises an idea to keep working and starts writing under a diffrent name. Turmbo begins writing a slew of schlock films to just survive during this time he writes "The Brave One" that wins and Oscar. Rumours eventually spread that Trumbo may be behind the film but the big studio bosses turn a blind eye due to his creative talent and connections allowing Trumbo to eventually win another Oscar for a "little" film called Spartacus.I could nerd out all day about some of the stuff covered in this movie, the history, the trivia and the scandals. I think though, even removing that personal bias from the equation when reviewing this, it's still stands as a solid film that is relevant today in a time of our own political unrest.