Dick Figures: The Movie

Dick Figures: The Movie

Two best friends, Red and Blue, risk everything to find the greatest treasure of all time.

Blue, a weak and lonely boy in a elementary school meets his best friend, Red after Red fights of all the bullies and saving Blue’s life. Thay have to experience many difficulties, risks to find the thing that they have already had: A true friendship. This is a moved film about the power friendship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian P (gb) wrote: Starting Over Again is a heart warming comedy and romance movie about hoping for second chances in relationship and the challenges in moving on from its consequences. It's also a movie for hopeless romantic person because they can relate a lot to it. Though I don't like much Toni Gonzaga's as an actress, her character seems to be perfect for her as a maturing character. Learning and finally accepting the love that has been is already a close chapter of her love life was a mature lesson that her character imparts in this movie. Piolo Pascual is outstanding as usual in his acting craft and Iza Calzado being a secondary cast is so good in her role that she's so noticeable and unforgettable in this movie. Calzado's character as Patty de Guia was the mature and the opposite of Toni's shallow character as Ginny Gonzales. I think her role deserve a larger part in the story. Though, watchers may find it has a shallow love story to tell, Starting Over Again from the title itself teaches us to be mature in love - that is acceptance is one of the keys to move on in life.

Alexander J (ca) wrote: Nice touch, the makers captured the flair of the Teens perfectly fine. A marvellous and quiet, respectful character study of a married couple at the brink of a major change. Certainly a mirror of the times when women were revolting and acting against the patriarch structure in Europe, a porcelaine-like Huppert and a classy Greggory deliver exquisite (and I think that's the right expression for it) performances. Also beautifully lit, boasting one of the best art direction efforts I've ever seen and with a smooth, sombre feel to it.

Cameron P (ag) wrote: It has Nathan Fillion in it!

Adam S (au) wrote: It has its moments; unfortunatly, Underdog suffers from uneven acting, clunky dialogue and hit-or-miss jokes (most of them are miss).

Karsh D (es) wrote: Sadly, I was hoping for better from this film - I hoped for something like Dog Soldiers but got a samey predictable shock horror with characters you couldn't care less about

Raffy John M (kr) wrote: Impressive! The story was interesting.., about a charming man with great and naive romanticism changed the lives of every woman he met.., and I thought Adam Brody was perfect for the role.., It also shows a chaotic world of confusion and rebellion of teenegers nowadays notwithstanding a drama that brought an impact of love, moving on and meeting someone.

Ching L (us) wrote: I have seen Imelda Staunton in plays and films and has always enjoyed her performances immensely. But this one is very good. Her portrayal of the little woman who loves her family and believe in doing good for others is very delicate. Her powerful performance as the terrified little lady facing the justice system is very convincing and initiates a lot of sympathy in the audience.

Michael F (br) wrote: A family traps a potential rapist in their basement, much banality ensues

Andrew B (au) wrote: Doubtlessly wouldn't be entertaining if not for its leads, but manages some funny moments anyway. Enjoyable piffle.

Ben R (nl) wrote: This one shows the buildings of the crack empire throughout the mid to late 80s. Its not glorifying crack like some other movies do. This is a great cheesy action drama with a strong anti drug message. One of Judd Nelsons last big time roles also.

Trouble B (de) wrote: By far the best of this trilogy. Extremely charming and stands well on its own.