Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

In New York City, an estranged couple who witness a murder are relocated to small-town Wyoming as part of a witness-protection program.

The films centers on a successful couple, Meryl and Paul Morgan having a perfect life without love from their marriage. Unfortunately, they witness a murder so the killer wants them disappear . They must face many challenge to protect rights and their life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Did You Hear About the Morgans? torrent reviews

Ross M (br) wrote: Very informative...crazy!

Cora B (us) wrote: Exquisite, endearing, and utterly lovely. Here the world is untouched and the child unspoiled. Love, learning and laughter go hand in hand as father and son bond in areas no self respecting mother in the USA would let her child venture, which is a shame. I fell in love with this film.

Jos M (us) wrote: Xavier Dolan's bright talent makes this J'ai Tue Ma Mre a deep, honestly raw and brilliant experience, whose characters never turns its mother-son relationship fell into an audience-pleaser, with compelling narrative, a strong, clever script, and powerhouse performances from Anne Dorval and Dolan.

Kevin L (mx) wrote: Eye opening, infuriating, saddening, frustrating, poop.

So much LOVE S (de) wrote: From how the election was PURCHASED to vested interest abuse of trust & power hard to find for some reason! GREAT MOVIE!

Rorshach S (mx) wrote: While it lacks the full visceral and brutal power of its source material, most notably in the climax, Jessica Sharzer's creative decisions, and a committed performance from Kristen Stewart, make Speak a largely successful adaptation.

David F (gb) wrote: I actually liked this more than the original, it was an improvement, probably because it's completely set in the house with the babysitter and doesn't move away from there.

Andy P (kr) wrote: Handsomely told, richly layered and truly heart-rending, Sansho Dayu is one of Mizoguchi's most dramatically satisfying films with incredibly poignant performances and beautifully staged scenes.

Andrew U (mx) wrote: Excellent early film by Ingmar Bergman that, actually, reminded me a lot of a Fellini film - maybe it was the clowns and circus as in La Strada. Anyway, a great film - the circus with existential dread!

ryan n (de) wrote: this is one of the greatest comedies of all time. I can watch it over and over again and lol

Matthew R (jp) wrote: Rare time when the original wasn't as good as the sequel, but considering Alien is one of best sci-fi films of all time then how good is the sequel? Brilliantly crafted with pace being more important to the pay off than any jump scares. Good luck sleeping after watching it.

Tony P (mx) wrote: Not Sandler a best but 1 and a half stars is actually really good to me I laughed once okay... maybe twice. Alright your caught me 3 times but everyone has to laugh at a comedy and it was your mistake not actually going and paying your money to go see it I think 15 dollars is worth 3 laughs