Die Hard Dracula

Die Hard Dracula

We find Steven, a good-looking American hero devastated by the death of his girlfriend, wandering through Europe and looking for happiness. A car accident leads him to a small town sitting literally in the shadow of Dracula's castle. The frightened villagers have been preyed upon for generations. Steven is stunned to discover Carla, the innkeeper's daughter looks identical to his dead girlfriend. When she begs for his assistance against the vampire, he agrees to help them. Together with Dr. Van Helsing, he attacks Dracula using a variety of ingenious weapons against the supernatural. Dracula shows unusual powers that defeat them at every turn, including fireballs and lightning from his fingertips. He is constantly on a search for blood to satisfy his centuries-old bickering brides. When Dracula kidnaps Carla right out of her bed, Steven and Van Helsing desperately try to kill him before it is too late.

A modern-day updating of the Dracula legend that finds Steven, a good-looking American hero devastated by the death of his girlfriend, wandering through Europe and looking for happiness. A ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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danielle m (gb) wrote: vrryvery good probably

Shawn B (ca) wrote: My forth movie in 24 hours dealing with dreams or alternate worlds has me feeling like I am dreaming. Maybe I'm just tired though. However, that doens't take away from William Malone's great new horror movie/thriller. While at first I didn't like the dream sequences, they grew on me and towards the end I couldn't wait to see what Laura Baxter (the amazing and beautiful newcomer Cherilyn Wilson) would dream up next. Having the disease of parasomnia that keeps her asleep for several hours or days at a time, her dreams were easily forced onto her by a psychotic book store owner named Byron Volpe (Patrick Kilpatrick) who is only wanting her to be his servant. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it was for Danny Sloan who falls in love with the nearly helpless heroine. Danny is played exceptionally by Dylan Purcell, another newcomer to the horror genre. Jeffery Combs puts in a memorable performance as Detective Garrett, reminiscent of his job as Detective Dammers in Peter Jackson's The Frigheners. Jeffery Combs is slowly turning into a Bruce Campbell type of character actor, and trust me, that isn't a bad thing! This veteran of horror and genre films has the ability to make anything he is in better than it would be without him. Now Sean Young on the other hand? Well, we probably could have did with out her, I mean anybody could have played Volpe's wife really. The effets in this movie are quite good, especially the gore and splatter effects. Included here are a disembowelment, a fist through the head, several stabbings and slicings and a bullet through the side of the face. The creatures Volpe makes poor Laura dream up are creepy and deadly all together. William Malone strikes again in my opinion with latest in a line of well written and directed modern horror films. The ending was't the greatest and that cost it half a star, but the rest of the movie made up for it making it a movie that I will be watching again in the future, and hopefully not in my dreams!

Adam H (jp) wrote: Wow the 1st ten minutes were intensly gory!! Very very awesome concept of the humans being the minority! Nice twist! Pretty good movie overall though!

Paul D (ru) wrote: It's an acceptable parody of low-life America, although the characters are not as ordinary as the real thing.

Francis D (fr) wrote: Now THIS is a fun movie;

Pablo G (de) wrote: Not terribly coherent but all throught entretaining, Felidae is a film plagued with sex, violence, and cults, all adult themes told with some great looking animation. The innovative story, its setting, and its well-acted animal characters make up a movie that while is poorly paced, has little hints of mystery and noir to it all that make it unique and fun.

Carlos M (de) wrote: An unfocused, unexciting and overlong movie that is more like a mixed salad of accents without any idea if it wants to be a campy adventure for the whole family in the old-fashioned style of Errol Flynn's movies (which it should be) or the violent PG-13 movie that it turns out to be.

Nathaniel E (ag) wrote: Laughed out loud the first time i saw. It never loses its fun.

Anet E (ca) wrote: Critics contend, quote: "Detachment's heart is in the right place, but overall it doesn't offer any solutions to its passionate ranting." Duh and then some. That IS the point you idiotic experts! The movie makes the horrible point that there IS NOT solutions to its passionate ranting! Light-bulb moment!!

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