Die Millennium-Katastrophe - Computer-Crash 2000

Die Millennium-Katastrophe - Computer-Crash 2000

A convicted murderer holds the world hostage with a year 2000 virus in all the world's major computer systems.

A convicted murderer (Thomas Rasch) reveals that he has planted a virus in a computer program used by most of the world to prevent anticipated Year 2000 computer problems. Unless his demands are met, the virus will wreck havoc with computers worldwide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Die Millennium-Katastrophe - Computer-Crash 2000 torrent reviews

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Gavin M (de) wrote: The only...ONLY reason this movie even gets star is for Mel Gibson alone. That's it!

Heather M (jp) wrote: This movie had a bit of ridiculous overacting, but it was still enjoyable and sweet.

Gaspard F (ag) wrote: Once you've began it you can just stick to your seat, the mind-twisting script is the best one i've ever watched. WATCH IT !

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Die Millennium-Katastrophe - Computer-Crash 2000 torrent

Die Millennium-Katastrophe - Computer-Crash 2000 full movieDie Millennium-Katastrophe - Computer-Crash 2000 (1999) torrent