Die Scheinheiligen

Die Scheinheiligen

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Patrick C (au) wrote: "Tremors" meets (insert Afghanistan/Iraq movie name here) only with worse special effects. Low budget horror/action flick that is nothing more than it purports to be. Great movie to watch while taking care of the baby. If you need to walk away for 10 minutes for diaper duty you really haven't missed much. The actor who plays Amal is the best of the bunch though most of them are passable, which is an accomplishment for any movie of this grade.

Cody R (it) wrote: I think The Cabin In The Woods is a tiny bit above some viewers' heads in that the plot is so wickedly twisted that one must be quite attentive in order to follow it. Watching this movie is like watching someone else's choose your own adventure book, only the final minutes are so bizarre. Don't be surprised if you have to pause several times while you just blink and stare for awhile.

Jorge R (br) wrote: One of those movies you start hating and by the end you're loving it, the direction is completely crazy but that adds to the tone of the movie, the actors pretty bad and the beginning is a little confusing and extremely slow, but if you don't give up, you'll get your reward.

Joseph H (es) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: A film set in a phone booth 99% of the movie shouldn't be as gripping and fast paced as it was, A simple plot and a great performance from Colin Farrell makes this film great fun and quite scary, A fun film that should've got more praise.

Gregory W (gb) wrote: besides having a wierd title that has nothing 2 do with the movie and the kitschist music makes this campy fun.

Shweta S (it) wrote: though half the movie is in japanese, its a must watch, beautiful movie.

Nim T (us) wrote: Very suspenseful and full of action.

Ran B (gb) wrote: "Ain't no fun poking fun at Mexicans -- motherfuckers got their own country!"The king!

Allan C (mx) wrote: Pam is great, as always, but a pretty weak script and some truly awful acting make this a far cry from "Coffy" or "Foxy Brown".

Stuart K (fr) wrote: Directed by Ivan Dixon (The Spook Who Sat by the Door (1973)), and written by John D.F. Black (Shaft (1971) and The Carey Treatment (1972)), this blaxploitation action film was as one of the more popular ones to come out of Hollywood at the time, and it benefited from having Marvin Gaye do a cool, funky soundtrack as well. It's also quite bloodily violent and a lot of strong language for it's day. Mr. T (Robert Hooks) is a private detective and pool shark who works in the underbelly of Los Angeles, and he's able to survive by dealing with both sides of the law, quite dangerously too. But, when he's approached by Chalky (Paul Winfield) and his partner, Pete (Ralph Waite), to look for men holding up and robbing illegal gambling operations in the city. Mr. T takes the case, but Chalky double-crosses Mr. T, framing him for the murder of the henchmen of underworld boss Big (Julius Harris). Now with the police and the underworld after Mr. T, he has to get even with Chalky and Peter to clear his name, and that means getting tough, and taking on the underworld. It's a very down and gritty film, but it has a good plot with some good action pieces throughout, it's definitely a product of it's time, but it doesn't add anything new to the blaxploitatation genre, which was well into the swing of things when this came out. Plus, this was edited by Spielberg's longtime editor, Michael Kahn.

Pam W (us) wrote: my dad took the whole family to see it. it's been a tradition to watch it together ever since. love black cowboys.

Heather M (au) wrote: Love this Movie!!! I wish the makers didn't have to shelve the sequel. It was hugely under appreciated. What a shame. They said that the script for the 2nd one was fantastic. Read the books too!!!

Phillip D (jp) wrote: Clearly one of the best and most under appreciated films of 2014, The One I Love is, with all respect to McDowell, very much a Duplass brothers film from start to finish, incorporating their traditional minimalist soundtrack and cast in a smart, realistic and down to earth thinker of a film. The consensus above states that the premise isn't taken as far as it could go for The One I Love and I couldn't disagree more. The expectation of a twisty movie like this is that everything ends as a plot, a supernatural event or a sci-fi exploration. The Duplass brothers refuse to retread this old ground and keep The One I Love grounded, an exercise in realism and an effective commentary on the decline of a relationship and the rigors of marriage. The results are stunning and The One I Love joins Whiplash and Birdman as one of the three technically perfect films of 2014. Add in picture perfect performances by Duplass and Moss as two different versions of themselves and you've got a fascinating picture worth watching again and again. Doesn't take it too far indeed. Shut up Rotten Tomatoes.

Mark M (mx) wrote: Gothic, bloody, and action packed, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is a must watch Japanese animation, especially for fans of the Devil May Cry and Castlevania franchises.