Die Zombiejäger

Die Zombiejäger

A trio of elite German commandos takes on the toughest assignment of their lives. What is turning the residents of Gothenburg, Sweden, into bloodthirsty zombies who have transformed the entire city into a scene of carnage?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Italian,English,German,Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:reporter,   violence,   zombie,  

in a not too distant future Gothenburg (Sweden) has been invaded by zombies. the police are powerless and a team of German zombie hunters is called in to solve the problem and clean up the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mahesh P (au) wrote: A little predictable because we already have insight on Ranveer's way of thinking from the 1st one so it's hard not to doubt every conversation that takes place. Very well shot though and good story, although it lacks the charm of Race. Songs aren't as good as Race but the Allah Duhai Hai music video was amazing. Dips was great in the first shady role of her career. John Abraham was a little dry on emotion in this. Jacquline and Amisha both were terrible and Anil Kapoor was annoying as usual.

Robert B (jp) wrote: Para Entrer a Vivir (Jaume Balaguero, 2006)Jaume Balaguero is the [co-]director of record for [REC] and [REC] 2 with Paco Plaza. But the more I see of Balaguero's Plaza-less work, the more I think Plaza is a co-director? in the same way Dario Argento was a co-director? on Demons (anyone who's seen Lamberto Bava's woeful sequel, on which he flew solo"or, for that matter, any other Lamberto Bava film"knows full well Argento was the only guy whose word carried any weight behind the camera on Demons). And while I am willing to rush to add that Para Entrer a Vivir (released in English-speaking countries as To Let), a made-for-TV film in the Stories to Keep You Up at Night series, is by far my favorite Plaza-less Balaguero film"it is leagues better than Fragile, which was orders of magnitude better than Darkness" that is not the same as saying To Let is a good movie, especially when compared to the other series entry I've had a chance to catch, de la Iglesia's The Baby's Room (q.v.).Plot: Clara (Dagon's Macarena Gomez) and her boyfriend Mario (Evita's Adrio Collado) are on the verge of starting a family and are looking for a bigger apartment on a tight budget. This has them driving into some rather rough neighborhoods looking for a new place. So when they get to a building that's rounded by barbed wire and high walls, things don't really seem all that weird yet. But it becomes pretty evident soon after they meet the landlady (Fish People's Nuria Gonzalez) that there's more going on under the hood here.Telling you more than that would probably be considered spoilers, but when it comes right down to it, you've probably already guessed most of what happens in this movie, because you've seen it in other, better films. Which makes it a relatively enjoyable distraction, but not something you should feel the need to seek out; worth sticking around for if you stumble across it on late-night TV, but don't set the DVR if you're not going to be home. ***

Remi L (ca) wrote: Tons of celebs in this film: Mya, Method Man, Leon, Jasmine Guy. Still not a good reason to see this film. The jokes reach out and almost achieve funny but always fall short of the goal. It drags out, its corny, the funny is flat, the music is blah. Just don't waste your time.

MEC r (es) wrote: This movie is ok. Nothing that spectacular though.

Graydon B (ca) wrote: While it has some funny and beautiful moments, Ratatouille is a forgettable film personally. Linguini is bland as tofu, Remi is ok but doesn't have much depth, and the story (while kind of unique) is not very exciting or great. A cute, but forgettable effort.

Petros T (es) wrote: "Scary Movie 3" is achingly funny. Hilarious dialogues, classic gags, a brilliant cast and very good pacing. The jokes per minute ratio is pretty damn high and there are no let-downs. Very solid fun. This is the definitive "Scary Movie".

Eric H (gb) wrote: This movie is special to me. The most profound thing is that a movie could creep into my heart without even using dialogue. No words are necessary--- the artful animation, beautiful (creepy) songs and subtle expression are more than enough to captivate. Amazing!

Michael C (nl) wrote: Actually I watched the unedited version, but that is beside the point. This trash classic from the always subsersive John Waters is, like Pink Flamingos, not a very well constructed film. But it does do right the elements that Waters always does well; it has outrageous and interesting characters and completely twisted cinematic moments that usually succeed in making the audience sick, disturbed, or confused. I can't give the film a glowing rating because the plot is paper-thin and preposterous and like even some of his best films it doesn't feel very focused. But I enjoyed it, and the exercise in gross-out moments, as juvenile as it may be, is always fun in Waters hands because he is willing to cross any line to get there.

Missy M (kr) wrote: I want to see this again

Jim r (ca) wrote: It was interesting to see a young Michael Caine... and interesting to see that the bad guy was a crazed Texan trying to eliminate evil in the world... reminds one of another crazed Texan... but other than that, the movie was not all that interesting.

Ben H (kr) wrote: Less a film more a political treatise, this is quite disappointing and ultimately yawn-some.

Iven S (br) wrote: This doco covers all the bases. It tells you everything you want to know and moves along at a good pace. Doesn't get bogged down with too much detail but instead paints a great picture of one of the worlds best known musical artist. I recommend it to any fan of Bobby, who would like some insight into the life & times of a musical icon.

Paula M (ru) wrote: This is in my top 5 of romantic comedies. I just watched it again...making it at least 10 times now. Love it!

Sean H (br) wrote: A pretty odd film which I would probably not recommend. There are so many themes happening here that it is a bit of a confusing mess: murder mystery, love story, family story, revenge tale, comedy... Nice dresses though :)