Diggers is a coming-of-age story directed by Katherine Dieckmann. It portrays four working-class friends who grow up in The Hamptons, on the South Shore of Long Island, New York, as clam diggers in 1976. Their fathers were clam diggers as well as their grandfathers before them. They must cope with and learn to face the changing times in both their personal lives and their neighborhood.

A coming-of-age story about four working-class friends growing up in Long Island, New York, as clam diggers. Their fathers were clam diggers as well as their grandfathers before them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura N (it) wrote: Scary how our world works now

Gavin S (ca) wrote: A decent doc on McCartney in NYC, where he was for Sept 11th, and his working on the Concert for NYC as well as walking around the town, interacting with other famous musicians (Eric Clapton and Elton John are about the only ones who act like Paul's just a normal buddy instead of a Beatle; and apparently Mick Jagger isn't exactly his best buddy). Shot in B&W, very good visual. Not a bad way to pass the time, probably for fans only.

Daryl T (de) wrote: Makes you really appreciate The Walking Dead. This remake has no soul.

Russell S (mx) wrote: Oceans 11 meets Knight's Tale meets 47 Ronin. Critics get too caught up trying to overthink things. Why can't movies simply be entertaining anymore?I loved it. Well thought out and entertaining. Great guy movie. Nothing wrong with a little testosterone in your movie.

Seth A (fr) wrote: Great movie!! Uplifting in every way!!

Annie A (mx) wrote: The concept of this movie was actually very original compared to other found footage films. However, I personally feel like they could have done SO much more with this movie and it was the execution that fell short. There's definitely a couple of creepy moments but it's definitely not the scariest found footage movie I've seen. I didn't mind the lack of gore in this movie only bc I feel like adding gore to horror movies does not make them scarier. I felt like they could have made the ending longer and a lot scarier than it actually was.