Circa British Rule in India, a man vows to make his only surviving son, Narayan, alias Nani, a Brahmachari to atone for the deaths of five of his children. He takes this child to a remote village in Karnataka, South India, where he leaves his 11 year old son in the care of a learned Archarya, Udup Pandit. Here Nani gets to meet two other disciples of the Archarya, as well as his widowed daughter, Yamuna, and another male by the name of Shrikar Upadhyay, who also teaches the British how to read and write in Hindi. The Archarya goes away for a few days, and when he returns nothing is the same anymore. His daughter is pregnant, the villagers are all set to remove her from the village, they are also angry with him for refusing Yamuna to follow the traditional way of a Hindu widow.

Circa British Rule in India, a man vows to make his only surviving son, Narayan, alias Nani, a Brahmachari to atone for the deaths of five of his children. He takes this child to a remote ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ScubaSteve Walter M (jp) wrote: A ridiculous story. Big fan of Vice but even he could not mend or improvise on-screen how badly the script is.

Charlo P (us) wrote: Des maladresses, trois minutes de "Christophe Honor" en trop, sinon a tient extermement bien la route, humour, mise en scne, scnar et acteur. Jolie film

Davey M (gb) wrote: Ultimately, it feels like an exercise in style and visual storytelling, but what an exercise! Exquisitely shot, staged, scored, and designed, "Blancanieves" is one of the most beautifully assembled films in recent memory, a gorgeous, sensuous piece of craft with a passionate, energetic current running through it. The performances are great, the storytelling is solid, and there's a lot of heart; if the whole thing feels more like an assembly of beautiful scenes than an entirely cohesive reworking of the fairy (some of the variations on the story are inspired, others just feel cute, or occasionally obligatory), it's easy to forgive, because the simple experience of watching Pablo Berger's film is such a treat. This kind of visual poetry on the screen isn't common, and I can't wait to see what Berger comes up with next.

Jared T (fr) wrote: I really think this one was interesting because it takes place in after toulon's death in the first movie. I think it is necessary, but unnecessary at the same time.

Al M (es) wrote: What can one say about Evil Bong? It is as stupid as its title suggests, but it manages to be entertaining nonetheless. From Full Moon mastermind Charles Band, Evil Bong is basically a stoner comedy with moments of horror thrown in. Cheesy and idiotic, Evil Bong features loads of Full Moon cameos and will likely entertain fans of other stupid Full Moon fare like Gingerdead Man, who later has a crossover movie with Evil Bong.

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Ian S (nl) wrote: you can't help but be on Jimmy's side. This is a great "feel good" film because you just want the Hero of the day to win

kenny s (mx) wrote: By the love of GOD..NOOOOOOOOOOO

Janey S (nl) wrote: A well acted, real-life situation and characters, an engaging make-you-think film that is impossible to pull yourself away from. Excellent.

jay n (de) wrote: Tough, dark noir. Good performances by experts in the genre. Yvonne De Carlo is breathtakingly beautiful here and gives a fine account of a heartless shrew. Keep an eye out for Tony Curtis dancing with her in one scene.

Logan M (gb) wrote: It's an instant classic.

F B (br) wrote: Watchable but wouldn't say it was particularly great or worthy of any best film awards

Paul Z (ca) wrote: A potentially great fish-out-of-water premise squandered by attention being given to all the wrong themes and scenes, resulting in a boring, uncreative waste of an interesting idea.

Alexander R (kr) wrote: Tom Selleck is charming, and the movie entertains. It's not a deep film, and things are a bit uneven in turns. Overall a light hearted forgettable romp.