Dil Apna Punjabi

Dil Apna Punjabi

Tips Films maiden Punjabi venture "Dil Apna Punjabi" produced by Kumar S. Taurani & Ramesh S. Taurani, written & directed by Manmohan Singh, is set in the lively village of modern day Punjab, where a joint family spanning over four generations lives under one roof a family which is united by values, tradition and warmth headed by Sardar Hardam Singh (Dara Singh).

Unemployed slacker/trouble-maker, Kanwal Singh Sidhu, is in love with Ladi Kaur, the eldest daughter of Professor Kang Singh. He finds his life turned upside down when not only Professor ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dil Apna Punjabi torrent reviews

Karina M (br) wrote: Very exciting, but it lost resemblance to the book

Barbara Nikki W (it) wrote: Awesome!!!! I loved it... it was Beautiful. I think it's good on teaching kids these days... that life can be so Greatful.. so Joyful.. n so Simple. As long as u got LOVE for God in ur life. He's so amazing.. n he can feel ur life with happiness. U don't need to be big personal in life or have big thangs in life.. God is ur BIG life!!! Amen'Be Happy... n sober... it's always the best medicine.

Sahil S (es) wrote: Must watch for cricket lovers

Lewis S (br) wrote: A poorly developed plot is just the beginning of a long list of negatives, mainly consisting of the words 'fat' and 'pointless'. As far as positives go, there is an overweight man, who frequently falls over, as well as a love interest who is *cough* skinny. Enough said.

raye w (ag) wrote: this movie was pretty cool

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Briana B (fr) wrote: This definately has to be one of my favorite movies. The acting is impecable

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