Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere

Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere

Film starring Balraj Sahni, Kumkum and Sushil

Panchu Kumtekar lives a near-destitute lifestyle in Bombay along with his school-going brother, Shiri. He makes a living as a con-man, gambling and picking pockets with the assistant of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zharina E (gb) wrote: I believe Ways to Live Forever is based off a children's book. It follows two boys, Sam and Felix, as they go through their daily lives with childhood Leukemia. I was able to watch an advance screening of the movie a few months back and I was definitely hesitant at first. I personally am involved in several cancer related organizations and being surrounded by so many people affected by this disease, I wasn't really up to see another tearjerker. But to my surprise, the movie was more uplifting than it was sad, but of course we can't stray away from there being some emotional scenes with a topic such as cancer. It definitely surpassed my expectations considering the film was more lighthearted that anticipated. I think what I like most about this movie which differentiates itself from most cancer related movies, is that is focuses more on living life to the fullest rather than dying. I appreciate the realism the movie portrays. Overall the movie was a pleasant take on such a tough subject. The acting was good, the storyline was great and I thought the soundtrack was a great fit for the movie.

Mon K (us) wrote: Lovely movie about Paul Potts! I remember his BGT audition!!

Matty S (au) wrote: Skewering satire of the New York art scene. Great fun.

Noname (ca) wrote: I thought this movie would be more like "The Descent" when i read the plot and more creepy then it turned out to be. Story was just okey and not quite the horror movie i wanted but its a watchable flick i guess.

Nicolas D (es) wrote: Un moment de simplicit (C). Il y a certaines maladresses dans la narration, mais l'enthousiasme port (C) par le film met cela au second plan!

Eduardo S (au) wrote: Me gust mucho! muestra crudamente la realidad de un pueblo oprimido por aos que lucha por la dignidad.

Sophie S (jp) wrote: one of the most boring films i have ever seen

Walter M (us) wrote: In "Rebels of the Neon God," Hsiao Kang(Lee Kang-sheng) is going through a bit of a rough patch as he wants to drop out of cram school. First, he hurts his hand on a window and then his scooter is towed away. Not only does his father(Tien Miao), a cab driver, give him a ride but also talks about taking the rest of the afternoon off and going to see a movie together. But that's when Ah Tze(Chen Chao-jung) comes into the picture. He is giving a ride home to Ah Kuei(Yu-Wen Wang) who had spent the previous night with his brother in their flooded apartment while Ah Tze was out committing petty acts of larceny with his friend Ah Bing(Chang-bin Jen). Even with his bittersweet first feature, "Rebels of the Neon God," Tsai Ming-liang shows remarkable assurance in crafting a story the is deceptively elegant and subtly told. All of which is in the service of depicting youth who are trying to discover themselves, while at the same time missing opportunities that pass them by. To be honest, they are not cognizant of the effects this has on their lives or on others because they are living purely in the moment. Hsiao Kang may know that he does not want to be another faceless cog in the machine. He just does not know what he wants. It is his parents who have an eye on his future because they have already lived it. So while they save every penny for his education, they cannot help to dream.

Steve W (mx) wrote: This is easily one of my favourite Marx Bros movies, probably because its a con movie. A zany acting troupe have been staying at in a hotel for six months, and management wants them to pay. The troupe just needs a financial backer, and they have to hoodwink, lie, cheat, kidnap, steal, and do anything to get that money to get into production. Lucille Ball plays is straight as an actress, but its the four to five non-comedic roles that really make this a strong comedy. So many elements in one room, with the Marx brothers doing everything under the sun to pull off their little schemes. Room Service is an underrated Marx Bros comedy for sure.

Laura R (it) wrote: I love penguins, so yeah, I want to see it!