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Dil-E-Nadan torrent reviews

Laura M (gb) wrote: It was great to see Chicago and some stuns I got to watch when we lived there, but I was really disappointed that it was coupled with the neuroatypical bad guy trope fest. It was a decent movie for what it was. I mean Dhoom machale pretty much means "have fun," and it was fun, so it served its purpose

Kevin M W (us) wrote: A bit of a homage (in a good way) to noir as Neeson fleshes out a husk of a man playing at being a private detective on a case he doesn't want, for people he doesn't like. It's a better film than the other reviews here would indicate, and a damn sight better than those Taken films.

Travis H (it) wrote: One of the best movies ever made, I think.

Marvy M (ca) wrote: 85% of the movie was about the boom of breast implants in the 60s and 70s and then the last 15% try to squeeze in a message towards the end ... i wouldn't had thought regular janes would get implants ... more like the real OC desperate housewives would get them ... shout out to emily proctor of csi miami ... i don't which ones were hers though

Lee A (ru) wrote: I remember being floored by how great this movie was the first time I saw it. The way the story unfolds is amazing. Watching it a second time was still great, but not as impactful. I love the colors these films integrate into the story. It was cool to recognize Donnie Yen in it as Sky. All in all, it's a great story of what it takes to be a real hero.

Jiri B (us) wrote: Wacky, funny, slapstick silly.

Jeff B (es) wrote: Completely composed of dead body parts at this juncture of the Frankenstein series, Universal's ultimate Monster Mash-Up somehow feels more ho hum than haunting when it pits Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the Wolf Man in a lackluster Battle Royale with Cheese. More lifeless than the Mummy (who can count himself as the smartest monster for sitting this episode out), the story goes to ridiculously laughable lengths to bring together the now-legendary monsters...only the stock scares and characters no longer boast any electricity, only occasional snickers. This monster rally fails to capitalize on the promise of the over-the-top premise, never giving moviegoers one giant dust-up. Instead, the once classic characters get reduced to plot devices setting in motion a corny revenge tale. In this unrated conclusion of the classic horror series, a mad scientist (Boris Karloff) and demented hunchback (J. Carroll Naish) emulate Dr. Frankenstein's "eternal life" experiments to enact vengeance on the three men (Sig Ruman, Frank Reicher and Michael Mark) responsible for sending him to prison, employing Dracula (John Carradine), the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney, Jr.), and Frankensteins monster (Glenn Strange) to do so.Amazingly, this marked Boris Karloff's return to the franchise. Granted, he's relegated to playing a stock mad scientist but he's still in fine form...if only the rest of the movie was. Playing a rather anemic vampire, John Carradine elicits more cries of Eat something! than Watch out! when hes on-screen. Lon Chaney, Jr. gives the Wolf Man another go, coasting through the undemanding role if on auto pilot. Though not the Crown Jewel in Universals horror crown, House of Frankenstein still boasts a few gems, albeit mostly for your funny bone. Bottom line: House of Cruds

Sgt C (mx) wrote: (38%)A movie that really did fall between the cracks as I hadn't even known of its existence until I stumbled upon its trailer tucked away in a DVD's sub-menu. And after feeling somewhat hopeful for this maybe being a decent watch, with its good cast and potentially exciting premise, but after watching the movie itself I can now see why the studio maybe wasn't brimming with high hopes of this being the next big hit. This though isn't a bad little movie. It's entertaining, quite well bolted together, and as a simple time passer there are many worse films out there; but it's still badly plotted, overly tame (it should have been a hard R), and it just doesn't offer enough in terms of true thrills. Worth a look for free otherwise don't bother.

Brandon C (ca) wrote: When all the monsters are on screen it's a blast. When it's some of the human characters not so much. The 3 1/2 hr runtime doesn't help either. 75/100

Terry B (de) wrote: this is a classic, just take your brain out first